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  1. Fiverr is a market place and not a financial institution. Fiverr is not meant to hold your money. Your financial wallets and banks already have provisions to do that for you. If you don't want to take all your money at once, just send it to your wallet or bank and then start taking them little by little from there. I hope this helps you?
  2. Maybe we should apologize to you on behalf of the Fiverr community. It's understandable that you don't find the follow up emails from Fiverr so cool. However, I hope you understand that there are customers who don't mind getting those mails. As a matter of fact, some people like to be reminded. About the suggested or selected gigs that Fiverr sends, it is called email marketing. That's one of the ways that Fiverr also present sellers' gigs to prospects. Those emails are automated and they are sent to every email address registered on Fiverr. What you can do is to unsubscribe from receiving mails. Or just ignore and delete any mail you don't like. Thank you for your continuous patronage on the Fiverr market place. NB: I am just a seller and not a Fiverr Rep. Please, bear with Fiverr. Wha
  3. I hope you know that it's the Fiverr algorithm that determines what and who you see here? Fiverr also owes it to new sellers or even newly created gigs to showcase them the their prospects. That explains why you are seeing gigs with zero gigs upon research.
  4. I think I was shadow banned for not replying to a message quickly. My response time dropped to 5 hours. I stayed for months without orders. Graciously, I have been able to get back to one hour. And somehow, my impression is coming up, and the orders have started coming. Thank you for sharing.
  5. In my experience as a seller, messaging the seller is one of the most valid ways to assess the seller. Naturally, humans work better when there is direct communication between them. No matter how good a gig description may be, it is always better to have a conversation with your sellers. All the same, thanks for sharing.
  6. Hello Gina, Of course, you made my early start on Fiverr quite smooth. You were always looking for new sellers to empower, and I am one of those newbies. At the time when it was a bit difficult to hire new sellers, you gave some of us reasons to stay in business. Though I lost the account that I was using that time to depession following the demise of my beloved father in 2019, I must confess that you helped me gain experiences here on Fiverr. You were the first to give me a job to write a book blurb which was supposed to be for 5$, but I also got a tip of an extra 5$. May be it's time to return the gratitude. Thank you so much, and do have a great year.
  7. The responses here just reminds of the old saying that, "people will overlook the 99.9% of what you did right, and focus on the one per cent which you did wrong." With all the values packed in this post, the only thing some of you could see is that one mistake that she made? Oh well, this is a human community. Congratulations to the poster on her tenacity, I was inspired.
  8. That is similar to my story too. However, if there are some good reviews on it, don’t delete it. just look for a way to drive traffic to the gigs. Share your gigs on social media and anywhere you can. On a second thought, deleting it also has a tendency to make things faster for you as Fiverr gives priority to new sellers’ gigs. Check the two options and decide. I wish you all the best.
  9. I beg to differ. If that is indeed the case then a seller with negative reviews can simply delete their account and start again from scratch (making the review system useless). When you delete your account you do yourself more harm than good. It does not affect Fiverr in any way. As I said, I regretted deleting my old account though I had my reasons for deleting it. Growing back to where I am currently was really a hard work. So, stop begging to differ, I am talking out of experience. I tell you, Fiverr doesn’t care who is here or not here. All they care about is as long as you are here, you must make sure to follow the rules.
  10. Of course you can delete your account and open another one. Fiverr does’t care. It is only a problem when you have more than one accounts. Yes, you can also use any payoneer account that is not linked with Fiverr whether old or new accounts. Payoneer also doesn’t care. The thing is when you delete your account on Fiverr, all you data including linked payment method are also deleted. I have deleted my account before, though I regret doing that now, opened a new account and I am using my old payoneer on this new acccount. Just make sure you are not trying to link one payoneer accounts to two Fiverr accounts. I hope this helps?
  11. Yes, but I would advise it. Look at my explanation above and you’ll see why. That you advised it doesn’t make it mandatory. The most important thing is to be specific in your gig description and prices. Most sellers don’t go through the FAQ.
  12. Yes, you can add it after publishing your gig. Click on the ‘edit gig’ button. Click on the gig description and scroll down to add your FAQ. However, as other sellers have explained, it is not mandatory. A lot of times, buyers don’t even read through them. They prefer coming into your inbox to inquire from you directly, as there is no way you would include all the questions any buyer may want to ask on the FAQ.
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