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  1. Don’t mind, first change your profile picture. The profile picture should be more professional as you are working on a professional platform. It’s not a platform like Facebook, Instagram, and something else.
  2. Welcome! Share your gig on Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin properly and other’s platform. And I think you know that very well as a professional digital marketer. Also optimize your gig package details and price. You should start your basic price $10. Remove unlimited revision If you provide unlimited revision it sounds like that you are not professional that’s why you provide unlimited revision. Create 2-3 more gigs with same category. Thanks new memeber1863×701 82.5 KB
  3. Ok, but my question is not about that. My question is what is the benefit of “promoted gigs” feature. I got this option.
  4. Yes, It’s depends on your level. More details about level: Fiverr.com Fiverr's LevelsFiverr's Levels provide sellers even more tools to make money on Fiverr.
  5. As a new seller if I selling my gig at $5, $10, $30 etc. And if my average selling price is $20, average rating is 4.9, cancelled order 30 < 50 And if I completed all requirement to be a TRS. Than Can I get the TRS badge?
  6. Congratulations! for your great achievement. I am a level 2 seller. Hope, I will be a TRS one day.
  7. I do not provide unlimited revision. It’s sound’s like you are not a professional. 2-3 revision is good.
  8. How do promoted Gigs work and what is the benefit? If anyone used then please share your experience. Thanks
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