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  1. Congratulations mate. I became level two myself yesterday.
  2. Hey, I cannot download the files attached to the order requirements. When I click on the file to download it doesn’t work. I’ve already tried restarting my PC, incognito mode, different browser, different network but it just doesn’t work. Any fixes?
  3. Hey, I am clicking on the buttons to withdraw my balance to either PayPal or through bank transfer, but I am getting the following error. ## Network Problem You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity.* Please try again later. How can I solve this? I’ve been having this for a couple of days now. Tried searching for a solution already but couldn’t find anything that worked.
  4. Yeah same he was about to buy 100$ prem gig
  5. Whenever I open their message it says ‘Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page.’ I also don’t see their message when they click it, whenever I reply it says that something went wrong and the message was not sent. How can I solve this?
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