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  1. Thanks. That’s what I thought. It’s just the first link in the first post of this thread doesn’t do that, so I was confused when the link didn’t take me where I expected.
  2. They got back to me. All fixed. They suggest contacting them if something like this happens again. thanks everyone for your help.
  3. I did yesterday, but maybe it takes a few days for them to reply?
  4. How do I mark a message as spam? I cannot open the message to read it.
  5. hmm… when I go to https://affiliates.fiverr.com/what-is-affiliate-marketing/ the page headding (the text in the tab) says “Page not Found” and I see a list of articles instead of the specific article it’s supposed to link to. I wonder if it was supposed to go to https://affiliates.fiverr.com/blog/what-is-affiliate-marketing/ (with the /blog/ in the link?
  6. I’m getting a page not found error for this link. has the page moved?
  7. I got a note from a potential buyer. It looked like a scam (insisting I only talk with them off fiverr, offering lots of money for zero work) and when I went to respond it said, “soandso(not their real name) can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.” That’s nice. I don’t have to deal with a scam. Nice job Fiverr people. So today, I’m looking at my Analytics My response rate is down to ZERO! Um, so it did affect my response rate. Could you help me understand where I went wrong?
  8. I have have experience with both sides of affiliate marketing. That’s why I’m taking the time to ask questions about this referral system before trying it out in the world. It was a rhetorical question, slightly poking fun at wasting time marketing to a customer base that (mostly) doesn’t qualify for affiliate returns,especially when one is an unknown entity in the community. The joke seems to have fallen flat. Sorry.
  9. I never even thought of that. People here already know what Fiverr is and they don’t know who I am. Anyway, I read that the referral link only works for new accounts. It would be a waste of time to market to existing users. Do people actually do stuff like that?
  10. I’m not fulling understanding what you’re saying. I’m looking to bring people to Fiverr - are you saying this is going to get me in trouble with Fiverr? I understood from reading the forums before I joined that it was good to seek out customers from elsewhere and bring them to Fiverr. Is using my profile or gig link outside Fiverr not allowed? Sorry for being confused. I’m used to selling physical items where I talk about what I sell elsewhere then direct all traffic to the selling platform. But what I’m hearing you say is that I should not do this here and avoid telling anyone about my gigs on Fiverr.
  11. Yep, I’ve read that. I would add, however, that it depends on the audience and the individual doing the promoting. I have a method works well with my following - talk about my experience with a site/product, and ask for advice, ask them questions that gets them to the site and hooked and buying. But it’s not a technique that works for everyone. My audience is pretty niche and not easily influenced through the regular social media methods.
  12. That totally makes sense. I expected that I wouldn’t get a kickback on my own listings. I’ve never seen an affiliate system that does - so I assumed it was obvious that it wouldn’t work like that. It seemed like a good gateway to drive traffic to fiverr: ask for thoughts on how to improve my gigs, then since they are here, maybe they see something they like from another seller and they are hooked. Fiverr gets a new customer and I get the referral bonus. But I can see why they don’t do this as it would leave room for confusion. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
  13. Thank you. I was searching the FAQ for information. After reading the link, I’m still wondering about linking direct to my profile. It looks like I have to use the referral link but that only takes the potential customer to the front page. So I can’t get a referral kickback if I send them to my profile. Does this sound like a correct interpretation?
  14. Hi all. I did a quick search on the forums, but I couldn’t find the answer to this. I found where I can copy a referral link where I can This sounds great! Is there an option where I can have a referral link directly to my public profile? If not, no worries. I’m sharing my Fiverr experience on a forum I frequent and wanted to take advantage of the referral option as much as possible. We have a lot of readers who buy from other freelance sites and are curious about trying Fiverr. It looks like Fiverr is filled with talented people so it’s going to be hard to get noticed. If I’m going to get a good taste of what Fiverr can do for me and earn enough for that new camera, I’ll probably have to bring in my own audience.
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