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  1. Hi and good day to all my fellow Fiverr colleagues.

    I just want to share that I’ve just reached all the requirements to be promoted to TRS. Hopefully when the evaluation date come on 16th this month, it will be a good news for me.

    I hope this post will be a motivation for everyone to strive their best and keep this platform to be the best for both of us, sellers and clients.


  2. You can tick the “mandatory” box but you can’t actually force the buyer to give you the information, some simply put “I’ll tell you later” and then forget about it, or “Thank you, looking forward to the delivery” or just attach a random file, or the wrong file, or don’t want to give the seller a login info that the seller needs to do what they want them to do, or whatever. It happens.

    ask him politely… Tell him about the service and proceesses…

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