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  1. I don’t use my phone for Fiverr at all, so I’m just guessing here, but it might be possible to do what you need if you log into your account from a mobile browser instead of using the app. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it appears that the list of buyers requests cant be viewed from the browser via mobile. I can submit a custom offer with gig xtras no problem this way but I think buyer requests can only be viewed on a PC browser or the mobile app. I think this is a recent bug with the mobile app.
  2. Do you mean only shows two gig options? If so ,yes ,then this is my same issue.
  3. I just noticed this a few days ago. When attempting to send offers to clients or buyer requests from my phone, non of my gig xtras are available for me to offer. Only delivery time and price. I’ve double checked from my laptop and PC and I can send offers with all the extras just fine from there. I also doubled checked by editing my gig and made sure all the gig extras were checked and then saved. I travel alot and do the majority of my Fiverr communication and offers from my mobile. This is a very recent issue which I’ve not had before. Any help? Suggestions? Thank you!
  4. Yup ,sure enough when I got back to the studio and plugged my laptop back into the pre amp, RX7 was good to go. ( using a line 6 UX2). However that pre amp dosent travel with me. I gotta figure out how to use RX7 with just windows drivers when I’m on the road. Thanks again. …and wow, RX7 declick pluggin is basically magic. Even the auto assistant does a better job than I could do manually…after many, many hours.
  5. What’s your workaround for pre amp drivers screwing with adobe audition? Certainly your not uninstalling the pre amp drivers everytime you use audition are you?
  6. Will try…thank you very much.
  7. It’s a windows laptop so its realtec high definition audio drivers…pretty sure it’s up to date but I’ll check. However if those drivers are the problem wouldnt the Wav and Mp3 files be garbled everywhere? Why only in RX7?
  8. Not sure if this is the right place for this question. Hope so. So I’ve been using audacity and its various plugins for post recording work. I decided to give RX7’s 30day free trial a go to test its audio clean up in particular its declicker. So I downloaded it and the first thing I do is open a mp3 file in RX7 from my desktop, press play and…just a garbled mess of audio. I thought mabey it was the 32 bit version of RX7 so I tried it with the 64 bit version…same issue. I’ve tried multiple WAV and MP3 files and all of them when I press play are just a garbled static mess. All the exported files play fine on windows,audacity and even here on Fiverr. Any tips on what I need to do in RX7? Everything is set to the downloaded defaults. Cheers.
  9. Yes, I’ve done both now. Thank you…🙂
  10. Is it fixed for you? Sorry your replying to me caused a problem. I appreciate your response.
  11. I didnt know, I just reported them to Fiverrs customer service email. What do I do now?
  12. I’ve only been on Fiverr a few days. In that brief time I’ve had 2 contacts, both claiming they wanted " a long term buissness" relationship. They iether wanted to talk about the job on Discord or Google hangoutouts. Both times, it turns out, were completely unrelated to my gig. What they wanted was to remotely access my PC, for a fee, to do whatever is they do. I politely said I was NOT interested and stopped communicating at that point. Anyone else have dealt with/ are dealing with this? Perhaps because I’m new with no work or credits yet?
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