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  1. Hi, i am also facing same problem. No order from any new buyer from 6 months. I am level two seller.
  2. Congratulations, best of luck for future
  3. I have removed all other gigs and keeped only one. Which describe my expertise in one field.
  4. I am also facing same problem. I have 280+ 5 star positive review. But not getting more orders from January 2019.
  5. They wouldn’t be able to do anything. Only her buyer can agree to extend delivery or not. Fiverr support can not extend time without buyers approval. That’s right. Customer care cannot do anything with out buyer support.
  6. It will show your profile to many customer that’s plus point. But it will not increase your view for one gig.
  7. Its fiverr algorithm. They are giving chance to new seller but some old seller are effected. Because old seller have many review but not getting chance to prove themselves. Fiverr should also thing about this problem.
  8. Basically, I was offering him an extra file for free because I wanted to help. But instead to accept - he asked revision and then typed “Yes, please. Please send me the file” 😃 Your buyer have done right thing. You can deliver after revision and wait for buyer response. If buyer not respond to you for three days. Then your order will automatically marked as complete.
  9. Try to contact your buyer and request him to do that. You and your buyer mutually can solve this problem. Or other option is to contact customer care.
  10. I am LEVEL TWO SELLER from one year and I have many reviews and many buyers from all over the world. But now i am getting problem from five months that i am getting less orders. I have changed my titles, tags, thumbnails and also details. And tried my best but i have lost hope. I will get new buyers in a short period. I am providing service until there satisfaction. But i have to do something extraordinary. So i am asking some tips from forum.
  11. I am level 2 seller. I have same problem not getting impression and orders.
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