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  1. Same here, i knew December was gonna be low in work because of Christmas so i lowered it to 5$ and that worked for me, in fact i earned in December more than November. and i raised them again now to old price.
  2. I just raised prices in my bestseller gig yesterday and surprisingly it did not affected in bad way. But its just 24 hours passed so i will wait and will check on Monday about the effect.
  3. Read this. If i do not know something, i do not give advice. Try it , its easy.
  4. Started working here as well. i did not do anything so i guess it was some issue from paypal side. which now has resolved.
  5. Even I am based in India so I am assuming it may be something same for us, I am also getting in touch with paypal so see if it is from there side please share updates here once you get any response fro them so it can be helpful to others as well.
  6. not working here in india either. Maybe something related to maintenance or new year? :thinking:
  7. get-up-client-wants-more-changes-please-let-me-die-39077436500×523 145 KB 😪
  8. Hey , okay so once i had the same situation , buyer was only speaking Spanish so i used google translator but as it is risky as everyone is talking here that one wrong word can change all the meaning of sentence so in the very first message i wrote that i do not speak Spanish and i am using google translator so if you found any wrong or suspected word, pardon me as i am using google translator to communicate with you and that is not 100% accurate. So he was happy and agreed for that and that order was completed smoothly.But here in your case it looks like more than one red flags so i do not think that google is the option for that,Unless you think maybe it can be done like i did and if you see that way it can be done. Otherwise i do not think cancelling order is a bad option either. Its just my opinion and you know the whole situation and buyer’s behaviour better than me.
  9. Same here , same issue. can see that message on phone but not on desktop. I thought it was some kind of hacking stuff at first :roll_eyes:
  10. i listen 70s and 80s classics while working. never gets bored with them. i also love frank sinatra songs a lot. 🎵
  11. Can not find your account on Fiverr so i guess it’s gone.
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