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  1. hello, i have question that only 1 pricing package is good or not does it effect the ranking of my gig or not?
  2. hello everyone,Hope you all are fine my question is that is creating all 7 gig as a newbie is good for getting order or we should be specific for 2 or 3 gig for example i have separate business card and logo design gig its good or i make only one gig for it which i provide both services in one gig
  3. hey ! In advance i am very thankful to all of you and hope you doing well I am not going to advertised my gig only i want your experience to check out my gig and advice me what i doing wrong in my gig that i not getting order please take time and check my gig please. https://www.fiverr.com/jharoon
  4. tell me the best source or platform for Fiverr Gig marketing
  5. yes its really work now i am also getting buyer request Thanks
  6. hello beautiful people, I have a question about the dashboard active gig tab that impression,gig and views are refreshed after 24 hours or when the buyer clicks ,views or check then numbers change immediately.
  7. luck play important role specially where the competition is so hard
  8. OK i understand thank you for your time
  9. Thank you SIR, i have gig on logo designing,business card design,and flyer design which i think is most demanded or main sub category of graphic designing but still i don,t have any buyer request by creating these gigs.
  10. hello everyone,Its been more than 30 day that i haven’t got any buyer request.Give me some any ideas so i can get some order or any other way to get my first order THANKS IN ADVANCE
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