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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. When a buyer contacts you, but isn't clear about what they want, don't encourage them to order from you. If they are vague about the details, or can't tell you exactly what they want or what their goal is, working with them is going to be difficult. Some buyers may know what they are trying to achieve, but may not be able to explain it in the right terms. You can usually figure it out and suggest the right option for them.
  2. Yes, bad reviews are a part of the job. You can always explain a bad review, turning it around in the mind of a potential buyer. Cancellations hurt your stats and will make your rank decrease on all of your gigs, not just the one that received the cancellation. I had multiple cancellations in a month, which dropped my completion rate to 90%. After that, it continued to drop and I lost my level and my gigs practically disappeared from search. Sometimes cancellations are necessary, and in that instance, are unavoidable. But you should never cancel just because you think the buyer will leave you a bad review.
  3. Yes, tipping is still allowed and encouraged by Fiverr. I am a seller who has also bought services on Fiverr, and at the end of the order they encourage you to tip the seller. It is mentioned 2 - 3 times. You will pay the extra processing fee, just like any other transaction.
  4. Your heart is in the right place, but what they are doing is against Fiverr TOS. We are not allowed to contact other sellers unless it is for the purpose of ordering a service from them. For instance, web designers can order content from writers to complete their customer's orders. You can order any service from another seller, but what you can't do is contact other sellers asking them to send you work. As much as you want to help your fellow man or woman, this is not something you want to do. I get these requests, as do many other sellers. I simply tell them that what they are doing is against the TOS, and they could get penalized if someone reports them. I also get requests for tips on making sales. I simply refer them to the forum and tell them to read everything here. Congratulations on making level 2, and good luck to you!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give that a try.
  6. I am one of those Level 2 sellers affected by the new algorithm. All my gigs have disappeared from search. I know they are active and I got one order yesterday. from one of them. I read Frank’s post on the Fiver 3.0 and I tend to believe it. Fiverr seems to be trying to focus more on relevancy and quality of service than anything else. Looking back, I can see where I messed up. I was getting tons of orders and messages every day from buyers and allowed myself to fall into the trap of not caring so much about how I managed my orders. I delivered on time, but sometimes left buyers waiting on an update for revisions. I used to finish orders a day before the deadline. but found myself sometimes delivering 2 hours before the deadline. I would sometimes have to make myself unavailable due to the high number of orders. Now, with the new algorithm, all that has changed. I see other high-level sellers who still have a large number of orders in queue, so I know it’s not that business has dropped off. It’s directly related to how I have conducted my business for the past few months.I recently updated this gig…Write your seo articles, blog posts, and website content by Lisamusser | Fiverr and my profile description to be more accurate and relevant to what buyers are searching for. Is there anything else I should improve on it? I am trying to market my gigs, even purchasing services for Facebook ads from another seller. Since I am also a buyer on Fiverr, I got first-hand experience with how Fiverr asks buyers to tip on every order,leave a private feedback. Fiverr really does try to get sellers tips on every order, it asks 2 - 3 times before the process is completed, if any of you are wondering. I would appreciate any and all suggestions on what I could do to get back in the game. I’ve been through this same scenario with Fiverr, so I know it requires constant change and adaptation to survive. Thanks everyone!
  7. I’ve never come across this problem before, but I would suggest opening a support ticket with CS and upload the screenshot you took. There is no report button on the Buyers Request page and the only way to get their Fiverr username is to submit an offer.
  8. Yes, Fiverr algorithms change all the time. If you need to make more money, simply raise your existing prices a bit or create more gigs. Sometimes you’re on top and sometimes you’re on the bottom, but you have to keep swimming to survive. Good luck!
  9. That is definitely a better option. I raised my prices recently because I was getting overwhelmed with orders. It does work. There will be buyers who will pay your rate without blinking an eye, and then there will be others who feel the need to have you explain how it can cost that much and will ask for a discount or if you can do it for $5, $10, or $20. I don’t negotiate on price because I value my time and the effort I put into my work. I will offer to write something with a lower word count to meet their budget, if possible.
  10. The sellers here on Fiverr are building a business, so there are no tricks or shortcuts to getting orders. This is something that naturally comes when you optimize your profile and gigs for the Fiverr search engine. New sellers can learn a lot by typing a question in the search box and reading posts from other sellers. . Here is a forum post that offers valuable information…Tips to increase your Gig Rank in Fiverr Search Results
  11. If you delivered the completed order on time the first time, then it is not late. I know it shows late on your dashboard page, but that will not affect your stats. If you answered their question and are waiting for their response nothing will happen. It will sit in your queue until you redeliver the order. I would allow them a grace period of a few days and if you still don’t hear back from them about the revision just send it back to them" as is" with a note saying if they want changes made they need to contact you…
  12. Yes, you can request more time from the buyer using the resolution center to extend the deadline. Explain to the buyer that the delivery time stated in the gig is for a single order only. Let them know you can still do the order but you’ll need a few additional days to compensate for the extra work. Figure out how many days you need to add and put that in your request. Just be very polite and professional and you’ll be fine.
  13. Yes, go to their gig page and click “report” and explain to Fiverr admin that this person copied your gig description, Do not contact the seller or you could get in trouble . It is against Fiverr TOS to contact other sellers for anything except for making an order.
  14. Yes, I will add it in the gig description. I will let them know that I can only revise things that were in the original instructions at the time of ordering, and any new elements constitutes a brand new order.
  15. Why is it that buyers who seem to know what they want, don’t tell you until after you deliver the product? This buyer told me they wanted an article on bathroom renovation ideas. I wrote a really nice article and even included a couple of stylish images, free of charge. I delivered it to them this afternoon and a few hours later they send it back for revision. They want a bunch of changes (the topic of the article is bathroom renovation, but they want it from the perspective of design/space planning), something that was never mentioned previously. I would have to basically rewrite half the article to incorporate their changes. And they didn’t like the images I chose and will send me some. Why do they do this? I even tell buyers in the instructions to give me as much information as possible to avoid revisions because it creates unnecessary work. I’m trying to think of a nice way to tell them that these changes should have been part of the original instructions, not added later. I could have written it from this perspective from the beginning had I known.
  16. It’s not just aimed at new sellers either. I got one the other day that wanted me to do a rewrite for him of 6,000 words. I told him the price and delivery times. It was out of his budget, so he said, “what about just the two smaller ones. After counting these two documents, which were supposed to be 2,000 words, I discovered they were over 8,000 words combined. I mentioned this to him as I was telling him the word count was outside of my limitations. He said, " no I meant just the two.” Then I told him that was just the two - excluding the other 4,000 he originally asked for, plus these two articles. He stopped replying to me after that - hmmm?
  17. Discuss this with CS and ask them to cancel the order for you and then block this buyer, so he can’t order from you again. Buyers like him are taking advantage of new sellers because they are so desperate to get their first order and reviews, they assume that they can get you to do anything, no matter how outrageous the request. Shut them down a.s.a.p.
  18. Well, good luck. Hopefully, he doesn’t respond and the order closes in 3 days. That way you get paid for your work and don’t have to deal with him anymore. I’m all for providing good customer service, but I hate it when people waste my time for no good reason.
  19. Buyers for some reason like to leave you hanging. Sometimes they need someone else to approve the work before they can accept it. It seems like he is avoiding accepting the work from you since he won’t reply. But it probably is better to cancel it, otherwise who knows how long it would go on like this. I had created an ebook for a buyer who was intent on giving me ideas for the book cover (which I had done twice) and she said she liked the final product but it was her birthday and she was going out of town. After that I just kept getting excuses. After 3 weeks I redelivered the product to her, letting her know that I can still make changes to the format if she needs it, but I need to clear my queue since her order was done. She never responded back and it cleared after 3 days.
  20. Only 1 this month, luckily. Inappropriate content.
  21. The image in question is of the seller themselves. It is her photo, and she’s a pro seller who has been in Fiverr advertisements, articles, and sells books on Amazon. I won’t say her name, but she’s a famous Fiverr alumni. So, it’s not just a stock photo, but she may have found it on Google and just assumed it was OK to use.
  22. I didn’t want her to get her account banned, but at the same time, we all have to follow the rules.
  23. No. This will get you a warning since contacting sellers without the intention of order is against the TOS. Report him using the flag feature and share the link to the origin of the image in the message to CS. But all this is if the seller is using a design of some kind and selling design work. If they are not selling design artwork then using the same stock footage for GIG is not an issue. Every seller in the data entry category can use the same image of a computer with a person typing behind. Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to report it. I followed your instructions and put it under “non-original content.”
  24. I will probably just contact Fiverr and let them handle it. Even if they are a new seller, if they have no other warnings they shouldn’t get in too much trouble.
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