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  1. I understand Because it was happened with me in the beginning. I was unable to get orders but the thing I did was Consistency. I was consistent on sending the buyer requests on daily basis and regularly share your gig on social medias. Greater the views, clicks, greater the chances to get more orders. Your gig will start ranking and will appear in searches on first or second pages if you will perform well. Hopefully it will help. Thank you
  2. @allen_brown, I’d really like to see a sample of a buyer request. I’m just a new seller and I need to get my gears up. Make your own buyer request. I have not sent even a single buyer request from 6 to 7 months. Because I have a strong profile now. So I don’t have a sample right now, but make it according to my tips and hopefully you will get orders. Just keep on working hard and give your 100% to your work
  3. Sure I will do it as per your request. I can refer you to Behance, Flickr. They are the best websites for making portfolios. See how different buyers have their portfolio. Let say if you are a logo designer. Make 15 to 20 best logos and place it on your flickr account and every time client need portfolio. Send it to him/ her. And keep on updating your portfolio with new logos you will make for your client. In this way, in a very short period of time, you will have a very strong portfolio. Hopefully it will help
  4. It is less than 10% lol. But be the one and write best proposal will lead you to sale. That’s my point
  5. It really matters. The person who will bid first will more likely to get orders but other things also matter how effective is your response. Once I sent the offer after 30 offers I guess but I received the message from the buyer and he said that I love your response and I am happy to choose you instead of 100 others. So being first is better but your response on the buyer request matters a lot. Have I answered your question or confused you more 😂 Thank you
  6. The thing is I know It’s really difficult to get orders in the beginning for new sellers. but Fiverr algorithm keep on changing the the position of the gigs. Once being as a new seller, my gig was appearing on the first page and I got 7 messages a day. So don’t worry just keep on working, send buyer requests daily. May be requests will not appear most often for the new sellers but I prefer time 10 to 12 in the morning and 6 to 12 in the night according to time zone of Pakistan. May be it will help you as a new seller.
  7. Be a number one or the only one I mean to say 1- You can send the request as early as possible using template 2- Invest time and write best lines to amaze the buyer and let him know why you are the best one. And I also believe @humanissocial that point 2 is the best one
  8. I agree with you but the requests that are for 5 to 10 secs, sending them the template (best) will help. But I totally agree sending just template is not good. Give time to buyer request and it will help. Thank you
  9. And then we see buyers complaining on the forum that most of the offers they get are rubbish, copy-pasted, not addressing the specific issue at all, and that it looks like sellers sending them don’t even bother to read what needs to be done. I understand different requests have different way to make buyer request. Everytime template doesn’t work but you should make it because if request disappears in 5 to 10 secs, then it will help.But always give time to write best biuyer request
  10. I understand but you make your buyer request template and whenever you will see a buyer request, post that template with the company name of that.
  11. @isaadrizwan I understand it’s really hard to get buyer requests in the beginning but from my experience as per the time zone of Pakistan, 10 to 12 in the morning and 6 to 12 in the night are peak hours. You will really find buyer requests.
  12. @hum_on_the_go I don’t know. If I know something about it, then why I ask this question hahahhaha
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