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  1. I need to add send extra payment request to client. so my questions is do i need to add only extra payment or need to send full payment request if a choose this option
  2. Same problem i face Brother
  3. You can try to send buyer request. every day 10 buyer request it will be work if you are able to send proper way to send buyer request
  4. its a really effective way to impress client
  5. Hey, Unfortunately, the promotion of my gigs stopped it says gig Not promotable (Unqualified). What could be the reason I am level 2
  6. I live with my family. now my family shifts to a new area. in my new area, there is no real IP network connection. so if I use share IP there is any problem with my Fiverr account. any chances to disable my account or I face any problems. please advise me Thanks
  7. I don’t know but I already try to find my gig in 20 pages in Fiverr search pages. and I don’t find my gig
  8. It’s called gig rotation. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you a permanent spot on first pages and constantly rotating gigs Thank you for your Great replay
  9. I did not get my Divi theme gig on the search results. my gig was the stay on the first pages but suddenly I didn’t find my gig search result. At this time I did not edit any things in my gig and I did not cancel any order but I don’t know why it is not shown on the search result. Here is my gig link. https://www.fiverr.com/share/4bjy2l please check and give me suggestions. what can I do now? and what is my fault?
  10. Wellcome to fiverr . hope you get successes very soon 🙂
  11. False. Impressions are when your gig shows up in Fiverr’s search results - that’s it. They are not affected by sharing gigs or getting people to click on them. Thanks for Correction
  12. 1.first selects some keywords related to your gig in the keyword section below the gig. And in the gig descriptions will explain in detail what service you are providing, why your service client will take over, what benefits you are offering. Use some keywords and highlight them. Then share your gig all your social accounts.Linkedin **Twitter **Facebook Tumblr, Mix can be shared anywhere. The more you share, the higher your gig impressions will be, based on impressions ranked in a gig. @faysalabir1
  13. Welcome to Fiverr family, wishing good luck…✌️
  14. Congratulation have a niceday. keep up the great work and you’ll be level 2 in no time! 💓
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