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  1. You can try to send buyer request. every day 10 buyer request it will be work if you are able to send proper way to send buyer request
  2. its a really effective way to impress client
  3. Hey, Unfortunately, the promotion of my gigs stopped it says gig Not promotable (Unqualified). What could be the reason I am level 2
  4. I live with my family. now my family shifts to a new area. in my new area, there is no real IP network connection. so if I use share IP there is any problem with my Fiverr account. any chances to disable my account or I face any problems. please advise me Thanks
  5. I don’t know but I already try to find my gig in 20 pages in Fiverr search pages. and I don’t find my gig
  6. It’s called gig rotation. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you a permanent spot on first pages and constantly rotating gigs Thank you for your Great replay
  7. I did not get my Divi theme gig on the search results. my gig was the stay on the first pages but suddenly I didn’t find my gig search result. At this time I did not edit any things in my gig and I did not cancel any order but I don’t know why it is not shown on the search result. Here is my gig link. https://www.fiverr.com/share/4bjy2l please check and give me suggestions. what can I do now? and what is my fault?
  8. Wellcome to fiverr . hope you get successes very soon 🙂
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