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  1. Instead of using Ethereum you can use another chain such Phantasma to mint your NFTs. It’s efficient and would cost you pennies instead of 100s of dollars as in Ethereum. They too have a marketplace called Ghost Market where you can publish your NFTs just like Rarible, opensea etc…
  2. Edited: I don’t think this would be helpful. Yes, it could help in situations where a buyer has a record of requesting order cancellation. But most of the time these buyers usually create new accounts to execute these types of scam. I would suggest you implement some safety mechanism so that such a buyer can’t use your code in case they chargeback. I know for most of the scripts this isn’t possible, but try to only delivery binary version of your code wherever possible.
  3. Sorry to hear that, take this as a lesson and never work for promises.
  4. If you want to build up your account and aren’t getting pushed up by fiverr’s algo then buyer requests can be very helpful. Personally I have benefited a lot from buyer requests. Just for the numbers up till now I have sent around 208 buyers request out of which I have got 19(total I have completed around 23 order, so only 4 orders I received directly) orders so far. While most may think that we must bid the lowest to get the job but in my case I bid a reasonable price that I think best fits for the task. My intention is not bragging about myself but believe it or not most of the requests I sent are in couple of hundreds most of the time. image1076×614 65.1 KB image1133×613 71 KB image1110×611 66.9 KBThese are a few of my requests. I believe if buyers are not reaching out to you, you much reach them(not by spamming though, use buyer requests). It always better to try than doing nothing. Only those have the chances of winning a lottery who have actually bought a ticket. Those who haven’t are already out of the equation you see. It all about numbers. Remember this, 1 % of 1000 is still 10.
  5. Everybody starts from zero. There are always a few of these kinds on people. Ignore them and always hold on to your terms.
  6. Nice article Would you explain the ways we can do that on fiverr? I may be wrong but, as it seems to me there are can be only 2 types of connection between a fiverr seller and a potential client. The seller already knew the client outside of fiverr. In that case why would he bring him/her on fiverr and share 20% of this revenue.2.The seller and buyer are only connected via fiverr. In that case how do we reach out to the buyer(via buyer request? or are there other ways)
  7. :rofl: Buyer requests have proved to be helpful to me but, most of the buyers’ request demands are out of this world given their budget. They want pros to be working on their project when their budget is $5. How on earth can someone come up with such a request? And some of the requests are even straight forward rude. Someone has to be high on weeds to send them an offer. Either they are not aware of the amount of work the seller needs to put in or they aren’t serious about their own project.
  8. Things I consider before accepting a request from buyers Does the buyer has enough reviews> if yes, I read those reviews I then check out a few seller’s profile from whom the buyer previously purchased and I read the seller’s response. I also pay attentions to the gigs he/she purchased along with their prices. I check if the account has been recently created. If yes, I stay away. Then I gauge the buyer over our conversation. What are their expectations? Are they having out of this world expectations? If yes, I stay away. If the buyer is not willing to have a discussion on their own project. I stay away. Many may disagree with some or all of my points but it’s okay as it has worked for me all this long.
  9. Sorry to hear that but this types of scam has become a regular thing here on fiverr as it seems. It has become an online marketplace for free stuffs for this type of buyers. Fiverr should be denying refunds in these sort of cases.
  10. yet nothing has been done by fiverr to solve this issue as it seems to me 😞 These types of buyers come, scam sellers and get free stuff.
  11. You mean customer support or the seller? If this is the case I am sorry to say but I don’t think you will get your money back as you have transferred the money directly to seller’s paypal.
  12. Hi there. Did you place the order on fiverr? If yes then, if the seller fails to deliver your order on time you can cancel the order and get your money back. If no then, you probably won’t get your money back(also it’s against Fiverr’s TOS to contact seller outside of fiverr). You should contact customer support.
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