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  1. Well,I guess I have no choice but to stay online for now- thanks corona. please tag me in your not-information thread. You’ve been my compass here. Thanks:)
  2. Gotcha (maskon)-sprays sanitizer- muffles Thanks I guess I’ll just have to keep trying out a bunch of stuff and looking to successful gigs to crack a code. Is staying online for atleast 15 hours a basic parameters?
  3. I have learned a lot in a few hours. Thanks to the wonderful and help members of this forum. Gracias
  4. welcome. A wonderful lady here sent me this. Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide . Goodluck
  5. Thanks, I understand this but how do I find out which keywords in my niche are low competition?
  6. There is no one single best “marketing channel”. You need to find where your specific target customers are located and market at that place or location. Go where your people are. Sound advice. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I’ll hit you up if I need anything.
  8. Thanks as always 😉 I’m trying to avoid going around Fiverr like a headless chicken, without making sales. Do you suggest zoning in on one gig for a particular target audience or casting a wide net at this stage?
  9. mMmm… but I have a pretty good idea how that goes. 😉
  10. Hi, welcome to Fiverr. I’m somewhat new too. To find buyer request- Click on your profile, On the menu, click on more and you’ll get a drop-down menu with buyer request. Goodluck
  11. For the more experienced guys here, what is the number one unwritten rule for promoting your Fiverr gig?
  12. Nothing we say or do can guarantee that you will find a boost in sales here on Fiverr. It is also unwise to expect Fiverr to provide you with sales and traffic. If you want to earn more sales, you are going to have to – as you noted, “be patient and keep marketing”. Sales come from the target customers who need your services, not from Fiverr. Thanks for the piece of advice:) From your experience, what is best marketing channel?
  13. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll decide to be an Astrophysicist, since anybody can do it now.
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