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  1. You do not have any gigs and you have been here since 2015. Are you a buyer who sells favorites and now you are worried about losing your account? really? Then I would be more careful.
  2. oh, I understand. thank you for your help vickiespencer
  3. If I always give Fiverr favors to my favorite gigs, will my account be a problem? I hope we get answers from all the experienced brothers and sisters.
  4. If I open a business card design gig, what kind of tags can I use in my gig? Hopefully, those who are experienced will help me. Because I do not want to spoil my image of Fever by creating the wrong gig. Please help everyone
  5. This is a great thank you for update mjensen
  6. Your words are a hundred percent right. One of the main characteristics of a freelancer is patience. Without patience, it is never possible to be a skilled freelancer. I was inspired to hear you. Thanks qbo_xero_pro
  7. I didn’t know it. Thanks. This was a helpful post for everyone.
  8. This was a helpful post for everyone.
  9. Sorry for you But I believe in your heart that your gig will rank. Yes, I was warned. I will never edit the descriptions again. Thank you so much for warning us all.
  10. I think “photoshop editing” would be.
  11. Yes, I have verified the market. And I’ve seen the demand for jewelry retouching is huge. But which category of graphic design should I choose?
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