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  1. Happy to get that badge! Thanks to Fiverr 🙂
  2. I’m with Fiverr since jun 2019 - Right now I’m a Level Two seller. During this timeline, I always tried to be a good Seller and tried to rank my gig as much was possible. Got so many suggestions, apply them, got benefited for a few days. I thought I know well about Fiverr gig ranking factors, But right now I think I was wrong. This is my current profile condition, I just would like to know why I lost my gig rank from the last 4 months! Is there any secret ranking factors you guys know? If so then let me know. My earning is good (Much better)Not get any bad review yet (Means I’m providing outstanding services)I’ve completed a total of 119 orders and just one cancellation which was on Dec 2019Avg selling is good $104.97 (I’m Professional)Response Rate, Order Completion Rate, On-time Delivery and Rating is 100% since last one Year (I’m full active)Gig quality is good even I got Fiverr’s Choice badge after being level two seller. I ranked my gig on a keyword “WordPress Developer” on the first page (Rank lost, badge also lost, it’s natural I know)Stay online as much possible because I’m a full time freelancer.I made few fixed buyers who place orders regular basis, means right now I’m working with my old buyers. But not getting new buyers because of ranking issue.I’ve total six gigs and this is the condition! 😦 : image783×563 14.5 KB
  3. When I was a level one seller or new seller, I didn’t face such a situation so badly. But after being level two seller, this rank lost issue become the No.1 problem But Yes, I did proper SEO of my gigs
  4. AVG selling price doesn’t matter here as well as high price. I provide high pricing even my AVG selling price is $104.97 My gigs still lost ranking!
  5. Hey you should check this topic How To Get Your First Order - FAST! It gonna help you a lot I believe 🙂
  6. My primary gig Premium package MAX revision is 3 just!
  7. This is the top 10 low competition Graphic design gigs/service on Fiverr. Album Cover DesignCartoons & ComicsVector TracingTrade Booth DesignT-Shirts & MerchandisePostcard DesignCharacter ModelingPodcast Cover ArtTattoo DesignInvitation Design
  8. Maximum upload size for gig PDF is up to 50 MB - You don’t need to handle any other size like PDF height & width. Just make sure that PDF quality is good and it’s less than 50 Megabyte.
  9. He will be able to withdraw the funds after 90 days or 3 months. You can contact with Fiverr Support Team for better information 🙂
  10. I’m a Level two seller, I’ve completed a total 119 orders with just one cancellation 🙂
  11. Be patient, and stay online 24/7 - Make your profile looks professional and provide outstanding services. You can be the successful seller 🙂
  12. Hey buddy! Welcome to the forum. Happy freelancing…
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