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  1. First of all, you should know the about your gig image, I observe you put your own image as a gig image instead of eye catching, attractive service gig.its not acceptable I think. and 2nd you have put order starting for 50$. 100,$300? You are new seller, no one know about you, your service! so, its the another reason. 3rd, you describe your gig description difference service! but your gig is specific for WordPress website design right? so why you put speed optimization, yoast SEO? its different service, you can add this service as extra. a lot of problem there! first you should know about the market place. and some one here who are expert but they didn’t get order for 6 month, even 1 years. as a new you should be patient, and must you have to know about gig, about your service. hope you understand. thank you.
  2. Really sad! don’t worried about that. take it positively. some bad people everywhere. just go ahead.
  3. Hi, all, hope you are doing fine and stay at home and safe. Here is my question, I have a now a order in queue, but I find some mistake in my gig images. I want to change my gig image, Can I change? If I changes the images there any problem? Thanks advanced.
  4. It’s really irritating, crime! Don’t accept the buyers cancel request. You have all Evidence so that you can claim fair for yourself. You can contact with CS with the snap.
  5. I can tell by how many sales I get where my gig is located approximately, but that might not work for newer sellers. Fiverr does not want sellers to be changing their gigs to try to get them into better positions and better ranks. Fiverr wants sellers who have excellent gigs that people want to buy. And you can do that no matter where they are located. And they want sellers to keep their analytics excellent. That means always deliver on time. Always answer messages quickly. Always complete orders. Thank you @misscrystal ! for your explanation. 😊
  6. Same case, I didn’t try to find my gig in Fiverr search, but if we not getting the actual position of Gig, how understand about gig status?
  7. Congratulations for your achievement 😀
  8. Do I actually see the search result of my gig? Suppose, I see it in number 3 page, but on the other hand, someone finds it number 2 or 1 page with his different searching keyword which was included my gig (5 TAG). I ask it because I have seen many sellers told, his gig is now on 1st page, or it was on the first page but now it’s on the 4th page, how to rank it, etc. My question is, is it really we can see the actual result of our own gig? its may different in different searching? :thinking:
  9. I don’t thing It’s a matter of contact with CS. It’s fiverr site bug, there alot of threat in this case in forum threat.
  10. I faced the similar problem since many days, but now It’s ok. I Think It’s may bug of fiverr sites, logout, login, clear cache is not solutions, in that case I Don’t get solution, It’s recover automatically in my accounts. So don’t worry, its not a big deal.
  11. Welcome to the community! You can read, active in forum, read the thread and you’ll be understood what should you do, whats shouldn’t do.
  12. If I opened forum from fiverr app, I guess it will shown both, don’t sure.
  13. Just curious mind, I want to know, when I use only forum, is it count online or is it shown to buyer, that I m in online in fiverr site? Or not?
  14. Thank you for your valuable post, It’s very helpfull to new seller.
  15. A few days ago I have experienced a horrible situation. Even I was create an post before in similar issue. then I got in buyer request as below 11318×379 60.8 KBSee the images carefully, It’s spam I understood in first seen, but new comer in fiverr will not understood I think. Please be careful before they click these links, specially bound links. I am sure, there is something wrong. Then I have checked the link with my browser incognito mode in https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home and find the virus and malicious! 21366×576 103 KBThe interesting thing is my PC was effected for some times, it will totally hang! though I knew it was spam link, just need to be sure its malicious and I scanned it. I hope you guys will see the link before click. Thank you.
  16. Payment or work of out from fiverr is totaly illegal and violation of TOS. Its never give you any security, now its your own risk.
  17. Don’t click it. I had similar situation today, then he was blocked by fiverr. it was spam. Don’t click this link, you can check the link virus total before clicking.
  18. Order is not coming, there are some several reason with your gig. may be your gig images not attractive, your description are not eye catching, try to do it unique from others seller and do marketing in social media. continuously changed your gig, image , description until get your gig in search result. follow top seller gig and get idea, why they are get orders randomly, why not you? active at forum, read several posts, you can get idea and learn much more. best of luck.
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