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  1. Here's a tip for you.

    I am both a Buyer and Seller on Fiverr.

    Guess how many times I've looked at the Inbox Response Rate when I hire a Seller?






    I'll wait.







    Take a guess.








    If you said NEVER, you would be right!

  2. Good question.

    But you can get around it by (using your business card example) offering business cards on glossy stock, business cards on plain stock, one-sided business cards, two-sided business cards, etc.

    However, I think you have to also look a bit harder at what service(s) you provide.

    If you do provide business cards, I strongly urge you to find something else unless you go the video business card route.

    The more you stand out from the crowd, the more you attract a crowd.

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  3. Just to fan the flames a little...

    I disagree.

    I would not be here had God not directed me to Fiverr as a means to earn extra money.

    Nor would I be in business had God not shown me that I had skills I could turn into a career.

    But, yah...I get your point.

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  4. Roughly 100% of my Fiverr orders arrive when I'm offline.

    Let's do the math.

    If I get 25 orders this month, that means all 25 were received when I was sleeping.

    In other words, I got zero jobs when I was online.

    I know I'm not the only poster in this thread to share that shocking fact, but it is true.

    You just need to have a profile and Gig to get work.

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  5. Well, if none of them are responding that does not mean they are spam.

    Keep applying.

    Just remember, you have a lot of competition and that may be why you are not selling any responses at this point.

    Spam or not, it doesn't really matter until you start seeing responses.

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  6. The best advice I've received since becoming a freelancer?


    I sort of "lone wolfed" my way through this career change plotting my own path.

    Do I know everything there is to know about freelancing?

    Of course not, but in the 7+ years I've been doing it I have made it a fun career.

    Could I do better?

    Probably, but I like where I am now and only have myself to credit or blame.

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  7. Your best bet is to explore what Sellers have used to describe their Gigs in the same Gig category as yourself.

    In other words, check out what your competition is doing.

    DO NOT COPY what they have in their Gig descriptions, but use those examples to inspire you to make yours better.

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  8. You asked the question, what would I do in such a situation?

    Well, I've been there.

    Clearly the Buyer did not read all they needed to read in your Gig details.

    I wouldn't fret over it as it will likely happen again sometime.

    You just have to expect freelancing to be great some days, not-so-great on others, and downright disappointing on a few more.

    It's like that in any type of business.

    Carry on, and move forward - which is what I've done in the same situation.

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  9. As a new Seller, you acted using logic and common sense rather than focusing on the money.

    Good for you.

    Never ignore red flags and never be afraid to turn down business if it doesn't feel/sound right.

    As for the future, expect to encounter more of these kinds of Buyers.

    However, you will also find many legitimate Buyers as well.

    Just be careful.

  10. Number One: Your education should come first...no exceptions.

    Number Two: Explain in your Gigs that you are a full-time student working freelance as a side hustle (which would be true).

    Number Three: Limit the number of orders in your queue.

    Number Four: If that doesn't slow things down and you have difficulty juggling both school and Fiverr, take a break from Fiverr.

    Number Five: Your education should come first...no exceptions.

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