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  1. I came here with same problem but unfortunately you got no replies and suggestions in this regard . Anyone who knows about the reason kindly guide us.
  2. go to file->Export-> select format png and save ,high resolution means it should be 300dpi when you create new file, source file is the main raw file of software/app on which you r working e.g .ai or .psd then make a folder of these files and send
  3. In my experience the buyers with “Away” status usually don’t come back after receiving sample ,so away means they are away lols. I’m also a victim of this Away status
  4. you can contact to Fiverr customer support , they will fix the issue. Because of the spam messages it happens sometimes, I think everyone on Fiverr experienced this issue once in their time period . nothing to worry about just. contact to customer support
  5. people outsource but not like this, they simply placed an order and that’s all
  6. Please don’t mind but we are here to help each other and give good suggestions to fix our flaws , it is suggested that review your profile and correct the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. It gives bad impression to buyers if there are a lot of spelling mistakes . The spelling are way different from that you speak.
  7. Remarkable achievement and great advice 👍 May you keep growing
  8. Completing all buyers request is not a guarantee of getting orders, I’m a level 2 seller and in my case I never get order from " buyer request" 🙂 may be I’m not good in bidding ,still I used to bid over one or two projects daily but never succeeded. I studied the "Fiverr tips " a lot from this forum and it helped me. Hard work, offering service of right skill, patience ,communication skills and above all luck matters a lot in every Business.
  9. o wow big congratulations! your post made me thrilled so I can imagine how happy you’ll be. These type of news give us energy and motivation to wake up again and work with determination. Thank you for sharing your valuable tips.
  10. yes I also experienced that when I was new but I contacted to the customer care and they guided me very well and properly about why it happens and resolve the issue promptly . So if you haven’t contacted them ,then it is suggested to let them know about this issue ASAP.
  11. I do read the requirements and never copy paste the same words ,I always write according to the requirements but I usually don’t write about my experiences etc instead I prefer to write to the point short bid
  12. I’m poor in composing good proposal or winning bids for buyers request. Every time I send offer I feel like its useless 🙂 Need good tips which will actually works . Any secret tips to share ?
  13. yes indeed but majority of us had passed this hard time of waiting to reach this level and still waiting now a days 🙂
  14. Bravo 🙌 You did it ,congrats
  15. Don’t be depressed and frustrated. Just keep calm and wait and follow the tips and tricks you find in the forum and blogs to fix the gaps ,it will surely helps you.
  16. Actually now a days almost everyone is facing zero selling or slow selling (even including me) as its their vacation time and you might get orders in the coming months. So you have to be patient and don’t get worry . There is no other way except waiting. Hope for the Best .
  17. Thats great ,congrats keep it up. The happiness of tip is always more than the original payment 🙂
  18. This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR Thank you for sharing the article. Seems quite helpful to me
  19. my pleasure 🙂 you are welcome.
  20. Right now I’m only on Fiverr , but many people use multiple marketplaces at the same time, again its all depend on your potential ,time management, skill and experience(All these come with the passage of time 🙂 ) so you have to start the journey patiently with determination.
  21. Well I think when you generate good revenue from this platform you should invest into other business too ,it’s better to have more than one “main” sources of income.(It depends on your personal situation and need ,also the revenue you generate from Fiverr.)
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