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  1. I think that it has been 3 months and i am unable to get my rankings back
  2. Hello Fiverr Community, I am opening this thread because of a tragedy with my account. My account was getting 5+ orders daily, but Fiverr gave me a warning and my account blocked. After the recovery of my account, I am not able to get any orders even I have finished a $500+ order with 5 stars rating. I just wanted to know is there a shadowban by Fiverr that one cant see or there is something else. Before the ban, my gig was on top position for the main keyword, but now after ban my gig is on the 10th page. Kindly let me know if something happened with you the same and what actions did you take to boost your account. Thanks
  3. If you use the search 🔍 you will find a lot of information on this topic. Can you suggest some articles on it
  4. My gig was showing in search results in online sellers but it got disappeared after a week I am getting orders and i have a 5-star rating? What can be the reason? Should I change the tags and my gig title or should I promote it for ranking? Seniors, please tell
  5. can you share customer support link i cant find it
  6. I cant withraw my earnings see the image for error i am getting
  7. Thank you for your reply, Can you tell me how to get low competition and high demand gig ideas
  8. What is the problem with my gig, I am not getting impressions on this gig. https://www.fiverr.com/share/pxDQo
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