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  1. Number of gig doesn’t really matter, even if you have just 1, as long as it’s doing well
  2. i’ve been trying to know how my gigs are doing and by that, i’ve been checking my gig to see if the analytics would show, so few minutes ago i checked again, and then it came back online with all my gigs stat intact, they are not affected, i’m so happy rn. if you are also happy too see this kindly drop a comment 🙂
  3. We really appreciate the new features of the local currency withdrawal, but we ld appreciate it more and be very happy if this new feature can reach sellers in Nigeria too, as our local currency which is Naira is missing on the currency list… Kindly help us address this issue and let’s us know if we are also going to benefit from it or not… Thanks in anticipation… Irockvfx #TeamFiverr #ThankYou
  4. So far so good but at the same time, this is so sad and dishearten that we could not get Naira on the currency list… Fiverr needs to see to this ASAP or do we have to. Contact support for this?
  5. It happened on my account too few hours ago… But now it is fixed…
  6. It’s very nice, but You can still do better, try and improve you gig for better performance, use relevant keywords in your gig title, and also in your tags… Set the pricing list and a better description… Happy selling…
  7. Welcome… send proposals daily to buyers under the buyer request section( you will be given maximum 10 offers per day) … And make sure you are online as much as possible so as to quickly reply any message that comes in, talk nicely to customers and avoid sending generic or bot-like proposals to buyers, read the Terms of Service and you will be fine… Wish you all the best. Happy selling…
  8. Well it’s very true that some sellers are really following bad advice which is very discouraging to some buyers but Y’ all don’t have to talk down on the New sellers… I’ld just suggest you go for the ‘Online’ sellers, for the fact that they are new sellers doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done or they don’t understand what you want as LONG as you also are sure of what you want and you are 100% sure it can be done on a platform , as a buyer you need to be specific and explain in details what you want, avoid generic responses and go for the ones that mention the keywords in your request… THANKS
  9. You are welcome to the forum and the platform in general… Kindly take your time to read the Terms of service and any other question you might want to ask, you can search them by using the forum search icon… I’m pretty sure you ld find most questions on there very useful…and if you have a question that has not been asked before, kindly ask on the forum and many users ld be glad to answer you and put you through on anything you need to know… WELCOME once again…
  10. In some cases, editing your gig might help you readjust your gigs and put them in order… I’m a new seller, at first for a good 2 weeks I never got any order, so I thought something was wrong, I edited my gig, make some necessary adjustments… And the boom, I started receiving message and getting order few days after editing… So I can testify that it really helps… But if you are already getting the flow, it’s of no use… Just maintain that lane…
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