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  1. Hi mstandifer Thank you VERY much for your detailed response It’s really insightful and helpful in understanding what exactly a seller should be working on if they want to stand out in the crowd And it is also great to know how exactly buyers evaluate different options and then choose a seller to go with I’m sure this will be really helpful for the sellers currently working on Fiverr as well as the ones who recently joined and want to get their talents noticed. Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing this information with us.
  2. I think it would, at the moment, feel right to let the buyer know about how cheap their request is and why they shouldn’t post offers like that… but in my opinion, it’s not the right approach. I mean, another user posted a reply about the same thing (to let buyer know that the price offered is ridiculously low). I think that most of the offers that you see on there are just sent to mock the buyer like you did because nobody would do so much work for so little price… unless they are a new seller and don’t know how things work. This just adds up to the number of offers, giving encouragement to new buyers to send offers to requests like this just to earn a couple bucks. Even though these requests are reviewed by the Fiverr’s team, there are still no standards for the jobs in terms of pricing. It’s also sad that there is no way to report offers like this. They shouldn’t be listed there because even if someone does agree to do the job and they are a newbie… the result of the work is most likely cheap. This could mean only one thing for the buyer that “FIVERR” isn’t a very good market and the work delivered by sellers is cheap as buyers do tend to generalise the sellers based on a single experience. It can also be seen on some of the offers where they put some silly requirements to send them an offer.
  3. I don’t think that fiverr forum works the same way for buyers as it does for the sellers. You will see most of the posts here that were posted by new sellers who are trying to make a sale. The topics here are mostly about why they (new sellers) are not able to make a sale… asking questions about what’s wrong with their gigs…any issue on the fiverr site (like a bug)… None of those would concern a buyer and you won’t a see a post like “Where can i find a good content writer?” or like “Does anybody know a good designer?” either. For the sellers who do say they got a sale from this forum, you would see that they have quite a number of orders already or they are a top rated seller. So you would have to post very frequently and stand out from other sellers as well in order to make a sale here. The fiverr.com site itself offers a very easy way to find a good service/seller so I don’t think buyers bother with looking for sellers on the forum
  4. Yes, you can’t “MAKE” anybody do something - But what you can do is GUIDE them which is all I am trying to do - You, me and anybody who uses this platform and this forum are a part of it. And as a part, we should all try to make it better. If you know the right thing to do, it will be highly appreciated if you share it with those who don’t. No wonder many new sellers go looking for “TIPS & TRICKS” to make quick money OR simply get guidance on different blog and article sites and the last place they think about looking may just be this forum where it should be the exact opposite. I do believe that if new sellers try to trust the forum a bit more for guidance on how it play it out good and properly, it will definitely make a fiverr a better marketplace not only for them but also for you. Although you are right about the cheap buyers as well as the sellers being ignorant - I don’t think mocking them on their requests is the best option - I mean if you send them an offer mocking them about their request, the other sellers won’t see what you sent but what they would see that the buyer has been sent an offer by somebody which may encourage them to send an offer too.
  5. I hate to say this, but… some newer sellers aren’t worth more than $5. According to my one and only foray into buyer’s request as a buyer, not worth $5 even. I’m delighted to hear this! I tried out five logo designers and it was like monkeys were playing with a computer. After reading your encouraging post, I may give it another chance. Sorry to hear about your bad experience - I can definitely relate to that as well as I have had experience with most designers (working locally) before and it is really hard to find a good one indeed
  6. Yes, but the sellers (especially the new ones) should try to realize their worth - It is exactly the way you described - but it doesn’t have to be that way if only the sellers play their part. It is really good to see that you are one of the top sellers and you can probably have a better understanding of how things worked out for you 🙂 There are indeed many buyers in the Buyer’s Request section that put out cheap requests but some of the buyers I have been working with have been really great and I was able to do business with that through the Buyer’s Request section - So it really isn’t that bad if sellers try to play it a little bit more smart and stop chasing their first sale so desperately
  7. Hi, I hope everyone is doing great! and happy holidays! I am quite new to the forum and have only done posts on a couple issues that I had encountered before. I can definitely say that I like how Fiverr works and how a completely new seller gets a chance to make their mark in the marketplace if they are skilled in what they do. When I started, I didn’t think I would ever be able to make a sale with little to no portfolio to show my work. So to get me first couple sales, I did offer my services really cheap (I mean I have even offered the lowest I could go on fiverr i.e $5) - But what I want every new seller to know is that it was NOT something that got me sales in my initial phase. I will be doing a detailed post later on about how I was able to get my sales going, as a beginner when I had no portfolio. Right now I will be talking about a different issue that I saw today Every time I open this forum I always see a post from a new seller “Struggling” to get their first sale. I know the first sale is a breakthrough and is definitely better than having no sales at all. But I learned from my mistake when I wasted my time thinking that if I offered the cheapest price I will definitely get the sale. I sent 10 offers daily, initially. through buyer request with the lowest budget I could set on each. I WAS WRONG - I do see that most of the new buyers have this mentality. This may help you with only a few cases where buyer’s top priority is the lowest budget and nothing else (which is not a usual case) and this platform allows buyers and sellers to decide mutually about the projects they want to do so no sale or order is forced. These low budget offers are creating two problems: Seeing the sellers offer a really cheap price, just to get their first sale (since mostly the new buyers send offers through buyer requests) - Buyers most of the time will get the idea that the service they are requesting actually comes as cheap as it’s being offered, which is not the case. I have even seen some buyer requests which I think it would just be stupid to send an offer to and there I’ll see about 24 offers already sent.I am not judging anybody but I think this is because the new sellers are trying really hard to get a sale from any job they possibly could (which is not even in their skillset) - Not only will getting a job from such a request may end up being a bad experience fro the buyer as well as seller (which would simply put out a bad name about the platform and the seller) it will most definitely occur to buyer that the service they got so cheap is really the actual worth of the service. The second problem arises from the first problem. Seeing this vulnerability in the marketplace - Sellers may try to exploit other sellers by outsourcing a service for really cheap (to give the other seller a sale) and getting a fully formed product/service in return.I am attaching a screenshot of the two buyer requests that straight on SHOCKED ME Offers834×249 28.7 KBBoth the offers in the screenshot show that the buyers have requested for having a website made and both of them have set up the budget to be $10 - One of them has even mentioned explicitly that his budget is $10 and won’t be considering any offers above that budget… I mean seriously??? you are getting yourself/your brand digitally native on the internet and you believe that it is only worth $10?? I know it is a wordpress website - wordpress is easier to use and allows the users to create a website without having to code but it still requires WORK, it still requires UNDERSTANDING of the platform, it still requires EXPERIENCE and most importantly, it requires YOUR TIME And what surprises me more is that both of them have received more than 20 offers. I personally think not only are you devaluating the marketplace by sending these jobs an offer, you are also devaluating yourself. Try to understand it this way - do you consider your time, your skills and your experience, in such an open marketplace, worth no more than $10, when you are creating a completely functional website?? You have to realize that when you are offering a price, your actually mentioning the WORTH you believe your service is in that budget box’ Now do note that the purpose of me doing this post is not because you shouldn’t do $10 jobs as new seller or even a pro seller. Because there are many jobs, being offered, which don’t come too expensive and fair price for them does lie in between $5 and $20 - it’s true. Most of the services I provide come at around $20 basic But I personally believe that you shouldn’t go offering an unrealistically low price for services which are worth way more (as shown in the screenshot) I hope this post was helpful and I will do my best to submit my other post as soon as I can to share my experience
  8. Yes that would be a helpful feature to include so that one doesn’t have to write a ton explanations for the buyers to read before they order.
  9. I am not sure if they are going to keep this change or not as I have seen an update (the one before this) that wasn’t changed but also because it didn’t have such issues, it was just a design update. I also think that some of the updates weren’t necessary at all and are just making the page take more time to load properly for e.g the inbox section in the bottom left of dashboard page is only as good as the notification you see on the navbar eveytime you receive a message. If you click the “Mark as Read” icon it just takes you to the main inbox. You can’t eve see a message completely let alone sending a response to it - so I don’t think it’s any good.
  10. Fiverr has recently updated the layout and design of the Seller Dashboard and there is one problem that affects the workflow if you are trying to open the orders (considering you have multiple orders queued in dashboard) in new tabs, it won’t allow you to do and there is no way to do so without having to click on one of the orders and then reopening the dashboard to see the other orders queued (so you have to reopen the dashboard every time you want to see an order) - Have already talked about the issue in this thread: So I want to see now how many users are affected by this so please take part in the poll below so the CS can see that the previous design was better and the current one should be reverted I am facing this problem and it should be fixedThe new layout is fine, and it doesn’t affect my wotkflowI don’t even see the issue you are talking about0voters
  11. @orcatek I am not sure but I guess that you use fiverr’s mobile application more often than you use the website. The reason I think of that is because if you look at the website and you have already switched to selling option, the easiest way to view the current orders is by clicking the dashboard button. There doesn’t seem to be a direct button on the navbar for “Manage Sales” but there is one in the menu of the mobile application
  12. @uk100 yes you are right! Creating a ticket before putting up a poll would be better to get the CS notice this issue, I am going to create a ticket now first to see what they say now. Thanks
  13. @uk1000 I am not sure if they would do so based on the opinion of a single user. That’s why I just wanted to check first whether or not I am the only one facing this issue
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