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  1. Thanks for the reply. He is asking for online version not offline I already sent him excel file also but still he is asking for online version of google sheet.

    yes he request from you online google sheet, It’s mean your google account have office 365 so its have excel this is the mean by google sheet and same with install office 365 , when you work, work with online google account not a laptop install 365. If he want work his google sheet then he should share his google sheet link.

  2. Work on the revision files and understand the buyer’s requirement properly. Though if you have any confusion, msg to buyer with your sample or upgrade work. If buyer pleased, then redeliver the order.

    I did my work properly but he wanna change his corrections, So he told me its not my fault as well.

  3. If you made the initial delivery within the time limit, then it’s fine. Even it is saying LATE in red when in modification, it isn’t going to affect your account whatsoever. Don’t re-deliver the order. It can escalate to incomplete order and that’s a big no. Send a message to your buyer and ask for what needs to be done.

    Thank you soo much that what i need to know that. I think my account don’t affect it know?

  4. @ushaniwijaya you don’t worry about order, now you deliver again and told him my time is finished please give me a revision, then you start again works

    yeah he put a revision but time was counted as 5 hours, but he didn’t send me any attachment during the revision time period after that my order labeled as a LATE, but i already send my work before the deadline. I have no idea about it, let me know what should I do.

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  5. Hello there…Good evening,
    I am in a struggle with my order, I already send my order before the deadline, and he wan put me a revision for 5 hours and he didn’t send me the what should I change, now ge was sent me the attachment but my order lable as the LATE. what should I do?? I am worried about it.

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