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  1. yes he request from you online google sheet, It’s mean your google account have office 365 so its have excel this is the mean by google sheet and same with install office 365 , when you work, work with online google account not a laptop install 365. If he want work his google sheet then he should share his google sheet link.
  2. maybe the reason is your rating… If you were got less than 4.7 rates then you Can’t send the buyer requests.
  3. Please contact CS as soon as possible and ask from them what should I do and ask any possibility to get back your account
  4. Did you submit documents and information what they requesting?
  5. yeah i agree with her do like this and please use eye catching logo for your gig and describe your service perfectly.
  6. I did my work properly but he wanna change his corrections, So he told me its not my fault as well.
  7. Thank you soo much that what i need to know that. I think my account don’t affect it know?
  8. yeah he put a revision but time was counted as 5 hours, but he didn’t send me any attachment during the revision time period after that my order labeled as a LATE, but i already send my work before the deadline. I have no idea about it, let me know what should I do.
  9. Hello there…Good evening, I am in a struggle with my order, I already send my order before the deadline, and he wan put me a revision for 5 hours and he didn’t send me the what should I change, now ge was sent me the attachment but my order lable as the LATE. what should I do?? I am worried about it.
  10. Yeah they told me if buyers want to contact with their social media, Its put on my gig description
  11. yeah, I already send an mg CSS I think they will contact me soon. 😊
  12. Hi ahmwritingco, Yeah I remember all you are, I am fine to thank you for the caring on me ber everything and how are you doing? Yeah i remember everything 😆. I am offering Mathematics on the Fiverr. Anyway I am happy to talk with you again.😍
  13. How to connect with CS? if you don’t mind can you tell me how to connect with CS. 🙂
  14. Students want to learn online but Fiverr doesn’t have any video call facility and Fiverr doesn’t give permission for sending social media details. Online teaching, how it’s possible here???
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