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  1. to be successul freelancer, you need 2 things. (1) honesty (2) skills
  2. if you are a skilled and honest persone, you will be success a day. no worry
  3. you need 2 things. (1) honesty (2) skills............ not more things to know to be success on fiverr.
  4. better what they write at order oage feedback.
  5. no gig found on this link, how you get orders?
  6. should I create a new account with a new username? not like fiverr forum I can login using fiverr username and password? please explain.
  7. 1. choose important but rare items to sale . (video editing is 99% people do but web design maybe not over 30% people do) 2. choose gig title and tags carefully with main keyword. 3. behave with buyer carefully as they are most VIP to you,
  8. I coud't found your gig right here. but I can advice you that you have to choose a title and tag same but main keyword of your service. thank you.
  9. just need a real and pure information to be included into your gig description and very cristal clear package description price area. please follow but never copy, just follow other successfull sellers profile. I repeat - never copy anything from others. thank you.
  10. no problem arrises to got orders.
  11. to complete this 400, how many years you had running here? and please suggest me please the most and top 1-2 advice that should to do, and should not to do IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. thanks.
  12. you may withdraw via BANK ACCOUNT if you do have. I think its do not take any fees. thanks.
  13. I have 6 GIG, maybe different 4 categories
  14. nice idea, but its will be better if you have added when and how much we can be go offline. because 24/7 a human can not be online. I'm not a robot.
  15. Everything is good as feeling best freshness when a new custom code workes.

    but may sunset when a most working codes dos't workes!!!!!


    have a nice Day!

  16. appear in search result secret is you have to put minimum 2-3 word beside same in TITLE - DESCRIPTION - TAG. so , the title, description, and tag are the same words. maybe you need to map the idea first before making a title, you may put same 2-3 words together in tag and description. research first, then create gig. but don’t edit. its very hard to overcome an edited gig then-new gig. create new better than editing - I think.
  17. ssorum.fiverr.com/t/tos-warnings/286738 YOU may edit once you sale of 4-5 times minimum and in order running. once delivered or rated , do not edit. I am not 100% sure but experienced people says - if you edit your gig within a running order , or within sale daily. its not negative for gig."
  18. First of all, welcome to Fiverr and Fiverr forum. I suggest never edit any gig anything. keep lifetime same. create one after research more and more adn error free. in my experience, once my gig for Wordpress development got 4 order in a round week then daily +200 impression increasing. then I edit some image error and misspelling edits. I see my gig go down and bottom, monthly 20 impression and last 7 days was 0 (ziro). so after agin one order got its rising.
  19. great experience. thanks for sharing.
  20. Hi all, how are you? I hope you well. Welcome back to the 2nd part of my topic about sellers. The most common problem for all new sellers when getting multiple tasks to offer into the same order and about milestones. see previous post is here to understand first what about I was started! I would like to clear today, for most new sellers when they got an order and finished, the client asks for another task in the same order. Fiverr have an option to send a custom EXTRA OFFER at the order page. I think 95%-99% of the buyer like to purchase everything as their needs into one order (seller send custom offer at the order page, they accept it), yes, if they agreed to our price but I think its a risk for the new seller when they can not manage their job in absence of their experience. suppose, at this moment a seller complete 49 tasks one by one by sending a custom EXTRA OFFER, if they unable to complete 50th task, what will be happened? already maybe minimum ($5*49=$245 completed) then all previous tasks will be pending right? so how to escape this problem? Fiverr provide us a good milestone system its helpful to avoid cancellation past completed task in the same order. but the milestone system is a minimum of 50$ per milestone and a minimum of 2 milestones must be added before start with this system. this is hard for new sellers. so I suggest to the new seller to confirm their clients as like “I will do next job as you described after completing recent one”. The new seller has to do a maximum of 3-5 same tasks per order. when it goes to another subject, try to get an order separately. just make clients satisfied with the legal and right way. also, you can say as " I will do this next job as you described, but I want to finish this order and I have sent another custom offer, please accept". I think any client does not refuse as like this request. but keep it limited. (do not copy, it’s an idea for help. the seller has to find out how you can share your need with your clients). thank you for reading my suggestion, if there any question or confusion, or if you got it, feel free to leave a comment. have a nice day. no more today. see you again.
  21. Hi there, you are absolutely right. and most sellers have to understand when and how they can complete a new task. handle e a maximum of 2-5 same tasks per order. when it goes to another subject, try to get an order separately. just make their clients satisfied with the legal and right way. mabe say as " I will do this next job as you described, but I want to finish this order and I have sent another custom offer, please accept". I think any client does not refuse this request. but keep it limited.
  22. Welcome to my topic. first I say, if any difficulty in my topic, always feel free to ask me. I opened this topic because of the new seller experiencing this problem. Everybody knows that when a new seller getting an Order, buyer must place an order to get some specific items/services. (example: website header menu edit). when a seller completes this task as per request, the buyer asks for more work to be done. This is not a problem ever. we (seller) just need to make a list with it and ask the buyer to place a new order for a new task / accept the offer for the extended task. must include a past task list which they are paid for. and make very clear that “the 3 or 4 tasks were started into this order, as you ask more task I will do but have to accept my custom offer for this task etc a following”. I see many topic headline “buyer asking more task after placing an order for one or 2 tasks” and the sellers afraid the order may be canceling. no worry, if you are honest, must bear in mind that any buyer will hear from you if you are active in mind. No more today, thank you. Regards, Khalid. (someone says as wp top tier expert)
  23. looking forward to know about it. but I think tw and Link both.
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