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  1. to be successul freelancer, you need 2 things. (1) honesty (2) skills
  2. if you are a skilled and honest persone, you will be success a day. no worry
  3. you need 2 things. (1) honesty (2) skills............ not more things to know to be success on fiverr.
  4. better what they write at order oage feedback.
  5. no gig found on this link, how you get orders?
  6. should I create a new account with a new username? not like fiverr forum I can login using fiverr username and password? please explain.
  7. 1. choose important but rare items to sale . (video editing is 99% people do but web design maybe not over 30% people do) 2. choose gig title and tags carefully with main keyword. 3. behave with buyer carefully as they are most VIP to you,
  8. I coud't found your gig right here. but I can advice you that you have to choose a title and tag same but main keyword of your service. thank you.
  9. just need a real and pure information to be included into your gig description and very cristal clear package description price area. please follow but never copy, just follow other successfull sellers profile. I repeat - never copy anything from others. thank you.
  10. no problem arrises to got orders.
  11. to complete this 400, how many years you had running here? and please suggest me please the most and top 1-2 advice that should to do, and should not to do IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. thanks.
  12. you may withdraw via BANK ACCOUNT if you do have. I think its do not take any fees. thanks.
  13. I have 6 GIG, maybe different 4 categories
  14. nice idea, but its will be better if you have added when and how much we can be go offline. because 24/7 a human can not be online. I'm not a robot.
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