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  1. And I want the sun, the moon and the stars… :roll_eyes: If you want something, do your homework. Don’t expect, and much less demand, others to feed you. You’re free to do whatever you want, no one will stop you. :roll_eyes: If deleting your account is what you want, go ahead, serve yourself. You just need to press a button and it only takes a few seconds to do it. 😏 If you don’t have the ability to help others you shouldn’t kidding others.
  2. What are they doing that you’re not doing? What gig titles are they using? Do they offer more, less, or the same you offer? I see your most popular gig is specific: " I Will Design A Professional Newspaper Ad Within Your Budget" I would change “within your budget” to something else, maybe “in 2 days” or just delete those words. They’re not accurate words because you don’t know what my budget is, it might be $5 or $500. Also, I think even numbers (10, 20, 30) work better than odd numbers (15, 25, 35). I also believe that if you’re doing 1 Design Concept + JPG file for $15, 3 should cost me $45, or perhaps you could offer 2 for $30. Fiverr has changed a lot since the early discount days. Sometimes you have to look at what package is getting the most orders. I used to offer 5/10/20 slogans until I realized most people don’t need 20 slogans. Now I’m offering 2/5/10 slogans. The other advice I can tell you is find other sources of income besides Fiverr. That way if Fiverr doesn’t bring the money, maybe something else does. Thank you so much. I will follow your advice.
  3. Just they sell logo design service. you can find many many seller ID, Just search on fiverr with the keyword “logo design”
  4. Let’s start from the very beginning. Are you able to handle 200, 300, 400 or even more orders? It seems you are coveting what others have achieved and that won’t take you anywhere, so stop looking at others and concentrate on you and your business. No, I am not coveting I just searching for the way to get more order. if you can handle 500/month I can handle 100/month. If you have any idea then tell something I wanna get 15 order/month. 🙂 Other ways I will delete my fiverr ID. I will not kill my time here on fiverr. Thank you.
  5. you are absolutely correct. But some people having 400 or more order in their queue. What is the secret ? are they paid campaign for their GIG ?
  6. Unfortunately, just posting your gigs on social media will not help at all. Even if someone sees your social media post, they would probably not order from you as you have not connected with them on a more personal level; sharing gigs on social media will only create a shallow impression on your prospective buyers. You need to be more specific with your marketing. You need to find your target customers and give them a solid reason to purchase from you: not by asking them directly to purchase your gigs, but by displaying your skills and expertise in the field that your gigs belong to. There are several way of doing this. Instead of just posting your gigs on social media, you could, instead, create posts where you talk about the recent advances/news in your field of expertise or help answer queries/doubts that others might have (on forums, for example). This will create a more deeper connection with prospective buyers who, over time, might end up becoming regular customers. What do you think about paid gig marketing ?
  7. As per your perspective I should leave fiverr or any freelancing job. Right ?
  8. Maybe, What about this. You just take a good course to have your skills improved. If you are think that you are an expert and you have nothing to learn just try to, Most of sellers are rely on repeat customers. So you have to have a good plan to interact them in your service. Thank you for your advice.
  9. I am here on Fiverr from Nov2017 to till now. I have seen some seller had 200/300 Orders in Queue. But now I am frustrated because I have completed only 51 projects. Do you think that they got hundreds of order by sharing their gig on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Pinterest and question/ answer on Quara ? If your answer is YES then that will be more frustrated to me because I am maintaining those systems but no positive result. Now what should I do?
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