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  1. There is no point trying to edit the review.It can’t be changed
  2. There was a time when we are new seller and we all experienced the same thing like no level but you have to keep trying.
  3. I don’t think there’s any option for cancellation
  4. The correction should be made in your payoneer account.contact the payoneer customer for assistance
  5. Sometimes they will send a file for you to download about the job description and that file is to get access to your PC
  6. It normal many will come and never return but the message you saw is a sign that the buyer is unreal. This means Fiverr has remove that chat because it has gone against the TOS. Whenever you see such message just know that it’s of your own good.They are not real buyer
  7. Congratulations on your first job 🎉
  8. Welcome to fiverr community wish you best of luck
  9. Anytime you edit your gig it will be place on review and it takes 24hours for your gig to be review and approve by Fiverr team. It will be back on search again
  10. Welcome to fiverr community, best of luck in your endeavors
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