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  1. Ask the client to send the NDA over. You can sign it digitally. This is how to. Make your signature on a plain sheet, take a very clear picture of it and send the picture to your PC. Open the NDA file and drag the Jpeg format of the picture to the signature space. Of course, make sure the picture is cropped into a small size so that it stays perfectly on the space.
  2. You don’t have to! I wasn’t banned. I can still access my account. So, don’t worry about me. Thanks!
  3. My account is currently under review and restriction for the past 12hours and I’m a lil worried. The cause was that, a client canceled a late order and I went to his inbox to apologize, sent him his complete job. When he got the job he was very very impressed and created a new order with me. He went ahead and asked how he could remove the 1star his cancelation caused and I told him it’s not possible by either of us, only the fiverr customer support has the power to do such. The following day, he reached out to me that he had gone ahead to create a trouble ticket and asked fiverr to remove it. This was of course without my consent as I was unaware. I thanked him for his concerns and went about my business then I got a warning of feedback violation. I have reached out to CS but I’m yet to get a response. Who has been in my shoes?
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