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  1. You violate Fiverr’s ToS at the moment. Thank you for this helpful information. I will take necessary actions soon.
  2. @blavaro As I work as a Web Designer and Motion Graphics Designer, I have to create a gallery website so that buyers choose template what they like. I don’t think it’s illegal or unethical.
  3. Beware of concept thief buyers in fiverr !!! The bitter experience of being deceived by a top rated buyer of fiverr First of all, many people do not understand the meaning of this theft, it is basically a precaution for professional level (creative content) freelancers. Today I have experienced one of the bitterest experiences of my career. I can’t explain how frustrated and bad I feel at the moment. At Fiverr I always try to explain the good work with my buyers and I try to do every job very seriously. I respect Fiverr Marketplace enough that I have been able to stand on my own feet. I have been able to become self-reliant. Now let me share my experience. A few days ago a top buyer contacted me and sent me a video of 10 GB data from his Google Drive. I was asked to make a 1 minute video from there. Since I am the top buyer, I started the initial work without taking any order. As usual I do my work and send it. Then he told me about some revisions and I did it again. But after taking the video, if he wants to start ordering, he does not contact me anymore. Since I gave a watermark to my video, I was also sure that he would not be able to use that video anywhere. But I never once thought that he actually left after taking my concept. Also communicates in the beginning in such a way that he has a lot of video work, needs long time. Later when I text him again and again but he doesn’t reply after seeing it, I repeatedly ask him why he is not communicating. Two days later he said that I do not have enough skills in video editing! They made another video. He showed me the video! In the video I see that the whole concept of the 2 videos that I made before, the clip and even the outro after the video is the same as the outro!! The whole used my concept. Those of you who know about video editing will know how difficult and time consuming it is to conceptualize a video from scratch. Also Video Stabilize, Slow-mo, Fast Forward, Transition etc. have been used as required. Now that buyer has done everything for me and now he is preparing a video for the same concept and telling me that I can’t do anything about it. In this way he took the concept away from me without any payment, along with my whole 2 days of hard work. So be careful, use watermark if necessary, discuss if there is conceptual work, show only if there is ready preview sample, and refrain from working before taking order.
  4. How can I get back my dollars that withdrew the hacker
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