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  1. If I look at the links you’re referring to, all I can see is money for specifically “fiverr” reviews, which is not what I’m offering.
  2. a) I would like the ability to edit denied gigs to resubmit them and to know exactly which ToS I broke on which part of my gig. I had to use guesswork to determine what may have gone wrong with the last one. b) ability to preview pending gigs so that I can actually know that what is pending is correct.
  3. Gig in question offers Twitch clipping services. You can promote and gain more visibility to your twitch channel if you have a lot of funny clips on your channel. I can clip your streams for you. This used to be in “Video & Animation -> Other” as there’s no fitting category for it. Fiverr moved it to “Animation For Streamers”. I do not do any animation though and “Other” as the category fit more. But when I tried to move it back, I got a Fiverr message, that they moved it to “Animation For Streamers” and that I should update my Gig asap. Does that mean that I’m not allowed to move it back to the “Other” category?
  4. thank you to both of you for welcoming me 🙂
  5. My real life name is Simona and I’m a 25 year old housewife that currently resides in UK. For the last 9 years I’ve done video gaming on youtube. 1.5 years I’ve spent doing Javascript programming, however my job included a lot of crunch and in the end I couldn’t do it anymore. So now I offer everything I can here! Of course, I do not expect to just sit here and earn enough for a living, so I’m also looking for a real life part time job, however, there’s no harm in offering everything that I have online as well 🙂
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