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  1. No one is there’s sir, please check again
  2. Wow. Congratulations, nice to hear. But I checked and saw none of your gig on first page in the SEO category
  3. Hello, can a gig arrive at the first page listing just after a week it was created? Is anyone a living proof?
  4. No. The delivery will mark as complete after 3 days, then later, maybe after a week they will write to their bank to ask for a charge back from fiverr
  5. Fiverr cancelled it. They only told me that it won’t affect my cancellation rate
  6. I have discovered something alarming. After some buyers use your service, they will ask for a refund, and when you rightfully refused their toxic request, they will tell you that they write to their bank to collect a charge back, and that they will do, which will automatically cancel the order. It’s becoming very common. This is so unfair to sellers. Something should be done about this
  7. No single late deliveries, and the 2 cancellations was as a result of the buyers mistakenly placing 2 orders
  8. Hi, thanks. I have done that multiple times and it always says it’s active in the searches
  9. Hello everyone, I am a seller on fiverr, in the web traffic category, my gig was on first page for close to a month, the gig was performing very well, but all of a sudden it disappeared from the first page. And I searched the 26 pages under web traffic multiple times, but the gig is no where to be found , and the gig is showing active. This is very strange and confusing. Has anyone experienced this before? What can be the solution please?
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