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  1. This is so upsetting, I hate how many sellers have to go trough this, I hope you don’t have to experience that ever again. And thank you for your message ❤️
  2. This is actually so sweet and super motivating, thank you so much for your message! I was super frustrated at the moment because everything just seemed to keep getting worse and worse, but I’m sure better things are coming! thank you again ❤️
  3. Hi Alpha! I honestly don’t even know what to say, you made me tear up (but not from sadness this time!), this message is so full of good energy and good intentions and I felt every single part of it, so thank you so much for brighting up this horrible day, you have a beautiful soul and I’m strong believer that you get what you receive, spreading this kind of possitivity won’t go unnoticed ❤️ I agree on what you said, this customer definitely wanted free work since they even asked at some point for some free drawings, cause they couldn’t decide on which picture they wanted me to draw so ‘‘they would chose which one to keep once the portraits were done’’ lol, I of course refused to do that. I saw the red signs (which were very red btw) and I wish I could’ve done something but the customer placed an order without even contacting me, so I didn’t see much of an option, and I was also quite blinded from the happiness on finally getting an order after going from getting contacted everyday, to 2 orders in two months. Sadly this customer got what they wanted, cause on an attempt on avoding trouble, I did accept the cancel request. But it’s okay, these things happen and we learn from them, and I’m so sorry you had to go trough that several times, I can understand how frustating that is and I hope you never have to experience something like that again. I want to finish this by saying that sorry if my english is not perfect! I speak spanish. And once again, thank you. I won’t give up ❤️ and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best!
  4. Sadly I have already accepted the cancellation request, it was probably a bad idea but I wanted to avoid trouble. But thank you so much for all the advice, it is really helpfull, I appreciate it a lot and I will definitely check that post out! ❤️
  5. Hi guys! I don’t know if I’m writting cause I need help or just cause I’m so sad I either write this or start crying right now. Lately I haven’t been getting any orders. At all. With the covid and the current situation in my country (argentina) things are harder than ever and the help that this job provides me would be more helpfull than ever, however that it’s not the case. My page is so dead. I was okay with that, I mean not really but what could I do? just wait. Two days ago I got an order, I can’t even explain THE happiness I was feeling, since the begging I noticed it was one of -those- clients, if you know what I mean. But I said you know what? it’s fine, the order is already placed and I’m DYING for some work! I was so excited and I swear I put my whole heart in that order, which was 2 portraits that took me 3 days to finish. Today, feeling super proud of the results, I delivered and 10 minutes later I get a cancellation request. I cannot tell you how much that shattered me. The client didnt even ask for a revision, just straight up cancel. I have made many succesfull orders in my life and only had to cancel one time (this would be the second) however, with the current situacion of my page being dead, with this only order my order completion went down to 80%. Maybe I’m being exagerated, but since I’m not getting any orders at all, I’m afraid this might lead me to losing my level two, that I worked so hard for. I’m super sad and lost, I don’t know what to do or how to fix this. Sorry for the long text, I kinda needed this. And if someone happens to read it, thank you! x
  6. Thank you (and everyone who commented) for the advice! I already added more detail and fixed the nose, I’ll deliver and hopefully he will like it this time!
  7. I totally understand, this was in fact something I thought about many times, to be honest I find it confusing myself. Many of the sellers that offer similar drawings to mine use those same words to describe them, and personally this is the first time I’m facing an issue like this one, so that’s why I never changed the words. Although I might reconsider doing it. Thank you for the advice!
  8. I offer 2 revisions! and I already tried to ask him about that but he does not reply to any of my messages
  9. at first I thought the same but now I feel like the drawing looks exactly like the picture, like there’s nothing else I could do to make it more similar… I wish I could show you!
  10. Hi! so I speak in spanish, I can also speak and understand english and that has never been a problem since I joined fiverr, until yestarday. I’m working on a realistic cartoon portrait for a client, yesterday I delivered and he said that ‘‘the nose didn’t look like the picture and that I should add more facial features’’. I fixed the nose and made her face a bit more detailed. Delivered again. His answer was "The drawing nose Doesn’t look like her picture. And I want you to add more Facial features’’. Now I’m confused, I can’t understand what he means by adding facial features, to me it doesn’t make a lot sense but maybe it’s because, as I said, english is not my first lenguaje. You might be thinking that I should contact him and ask for a more specific explanation but communication has been a problem since the beggining, he does not reply to any of my messages. I was gonna adjunt my work and the reference picture here but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that. If you guys have any idea on what he could mean with his requests, or what’s your interpretation of it, please let me know! I’m so lost right now.
  11. Do you know if when I send the extra request, the time for delivery gets paused? while I wait for his answer
  12. Hi! Hope yall are doing well. I already contacted customer support on this, but it’s been several hours and I know they are taking longer to reply than usual so I wanted to see if you could give me some advice on what to do. A buyer placed an order today, he chose my $20 pack that is called ‘‘Portrait of 1 person. (Chest up)’’ so what I’m offering is pretty clear. In the gig extras you could add ‘‘additional figures’’ if needed for an extra $20. Well, the client made the purchase and the image that he gave me to draw is a half body drawing of 3 people, he did not add any extras for additional figures or to make it half body, when It’s super clear what my package is offering, it’s written on the name and also I explain on my gig description that you can add additional figures if needed. I messaged him about the situation and asked if he wanted me to send a request to add the extras, but he’s not responding, even though he was online. The time is ticking and if I have to draw 3 people I need to start working on it soon. I’m not sure what else can I do, I don’t want to cancel it since this will probably affect my gig and the situation was generated due to the buyer’s mistake. Do you have any advice?
  13. I just delivered a sketch and I need the buyer to see it in order to get feedback and move on with the rest of the commission. But my delivery is not showing and I can’t message the buyer, what should I do? I don’t want to get in trouble because of this, I think fiverr should be warning buyers about the current situation…
  14. It’s so good to know that they are working on this, thank you for contacting them!
  15. Sadly, they are not. That happened to me yesterday, they asked for something I don’t provide, so I contacted CS and they told me the only thing we can do is cancellation, and that it will affect my orden completion
  16. It depends on the person. Personally, If I (as a buyer) received that kind of message, I would probably block the seller. It’s spam.
  17. The same thing happened to me today, it’s not fair at all. I think that at least, they should consider cases like this one, and cancel without affecting your completion rate. It’s so unfair because it’s literally not your fault at all and there’s nothing we can do to avoid these situations.
  18. You’re completely right. Thank you, I’ll deliver it.
  19. Hi again. Today I had this issue where a buyer ordered, and clearly didn’t read the description of my gig. They asked for a vector image and I offer pixel drawings, which I deliver in JPG. I contacted CS hoping that they could cancel it without affecting my completion rate, since there’s nothing I could’ve done to avoid this, but they said that wasn’t possible. I also messaged the buyer, and didn’t get a reply. Even though they’ve been online. Now I don’t know what should I do. I can either deliver it on JPG, and probably get a bad review. (All my reviews are 5 stars, so that would be really sad). Or I can just cancel it. And the only time I did that my sales dropped completely for a long time, I’m just starting to get my sales back. What would you do? And what do you think, would affect me the least? Thank you
  20. You’re right. I just wish that, if they don’t wanna message me first, at least they would bother reading my descriptions. I will contac CS, and I hope they can help me solve this. Thank you!
  21. I seriusly don’t know what else to do to make sure that buyers contact me before ordering! I’ve put it into the description and they don’t even bother reading it, so I decided to write it on the primary image of my gig, there’s literally no way you can NOT read that, it’s the first thing you see on my gig! and they still won’t message me before ordering. I ususally don’t mind it if it’s something I can do, but now, someone just bought my gig (I make portraits, not vectors, they are pixel images) and in the requirements, they asked for a vector portrait. If you would’ve read my description, you would know that I don’t do that. And now I don’t know what to do, I messaged the buyer saying that I can’t do vectors, but I’m afraid they’re gonna ask for cancellation. It’s so unfair because there’s literally nothing else I can do to warn people they should always message before ordering. And the only time I had to cancell an order my sales dropped completely, it was so sad for me. If you have any advice on this, and on what can I do to not have to cancell this order, I’d love to know. Thank you.
  22. I want to know this aswell! I see a lot of people saying ‘‘my gig is on the last page’’ but I don’t think they’ve seen every single page until they reach the last one, I would love to know if there’s an easier way to see where your gig is placed
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