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  1. yoo…hoo… I just completed my Adobe Photoshop test with the result of top 10%. It is a great experience for me. 😊
  2. Hi, nice to meet you all.😊 My name is Abhishek and I am a professional photo editor. I joined Fiverr almost seven days ago. Some days ago, I created two gigs, in some days I will create more gigs related to photo editing. I hope everyone will check my gigs.😊 THANK YOU:blush:
  3. Thank you everyone for helping me.😋
  4. Can you please tell me that how can I find that target audience on fiverr ?
  5. Hi I am a new seller on fiverr. I am a photo editor but I can’t get any job. Most buyers are just only seeing the seller reviews and place them orders but they didn’t confirm how much value the seller can provide for the job. I know review is most important part, but when a new seller join on fiverr they don’t have any review and they also can offer a better value for the buyer.
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