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  1. By your response, “I am interested.” You have applied. Now you need to wait to be contacted to see if you will be accepted. Great! Thank you, I really apreciate it.
  2. How I can be a seller plus? I’m interested.
  3. I know that, but if the client requests a change, the order can’t be completed. I’m in the Graphic Design category maybe is different from the Proofreading and Writing category.
  4. I have 0 revisions. Then I can decide if a buyer’s request for a revision is legitimate or if I need to send him a custom offer for one. This system has worked very well for me. I put a limit on my revisions, but the Fiverr system allows buyers to request all the revisions they wanted. That does not make sense.
  5. Set a number of revisions with which you are comfortable. One to 4 or 5. Good information, but although you limit the revisions, the systems allows unlimited revisions requests to the buyers.
  6. In my personal experience, I received this kind of request, Customer Support says “I don’t obligate to do it, but they recommend it do it” lol. A client gives me a very bad rating because he marked the order as finished and a couple of weeks he wanted a completely new concept, I do it but is more difficult to follow up the changes by message so I delay a couple of days to deliver and I gave them not only one but three new concepts, then the buyer reviews my work and gives me 1.7 stars. I recommend you must talk to CS to clarify this before going ahead.
  7. Your gig looks good but as @looseink says “I think you may come off as being professional with that one starting at no less than $10.” Best!
  8. Be patient, I sent about 300 to get my first sale.
  9. Hello from Mexico, the COVID’19 is starting here, me and my family are at home now, I hope other people make the same thing, unfortunately there a lot of people which need to work every day to survive. I’m buying all the things to the small stores in my area and my neighbors are making that too, this manner can we help a little bit with the economical crisis that will affect it. My best wishes to all the people in the community.
  10. Great resource! The best thing is made from experiences of real sellers. Thank you.
  11. Is hard, because a lot of sellers make template based offers, I read first the requirements of the buyer and send it a personalized offer. You need to still send offers all days.
  12. The price must be according your quality work, there are market for all.
  13. The four tip “Don’t be afraid to say “No””, is very helpful, I have a bad experience trying to retain a bad buyer, the best solution was to tell him “no, thanks” at the first signal.
  14. Are you talking about to include the link into the offer you’ll send to the buyer?
  15. Maybe the TOS are more advantageous for buyers than sellers, but when I registered on the website I accept it and you can’t change that.
  16. I have the same problem, a few days ago the same thing happened, was a bug system.
  17. When a buyer posts a request, immediately receive hundreds of proposals, so you need be very patient and understand clearly what the buyer want.
  18. Why you need to send a google drive link? If you need a portfolio you can use Flickr.
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