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  1. First of all you should know the difference between Fiverr and other freelance marketplace, or better if I say traditional and non traditional freelance marketplace. Fiverr is a none traditional market place. where buyer comes to sellers. and seller has opportunity to respond buyer request similar to those traditional freelance marketplace. Here the pricing are in lump sum not hourly based. Also you can join a team if you match your skills with their requirement, and they works on big projects.
  2. ammyy.comblogspot.comdafont.comdailymotion.comflickr.commixcloud.comreverbnation.comsoundcloud.comteamviewer.comtumblr.comvimeo.comwetransfer.comwikipedia.orgwordcounter.netyoutube.comNote: If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted. at the top it mentioned the word “May be” what exactly need to use this word as it giving the feel of doubt!
  3. congratulations! you got succeed. that’s why this quotation is so famous, “Try again and again”😄:
  4. Thank you for your reply @adrover. It means soon or later they will destruction their position by their own mistake.
  5. The transaction fees charged by Payoneer are $2.99 for a local bank transfer and $15 for a USD SWIFT transfer. Payoneer charges fees of $4 or 1% of the overall amount for transfers in USD and EUR, but the fees can’t exceed $10.
  6. Hi @jamilmjv2018 Enroll your self for this free course, it will help you for building your mindset. and stop you from unnecessary efforts. best of luck Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller
  7. Thanks for your valuable tip, however, I haven’t reached yet at that level of experience. I also studied the fiverr tos and passed a free course of " Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller, and founded the same as you’ve mentioned. I admit! this would be very helpful for a long run success. My question is! I have seen so many TRS or other badge holders who put fiverr badges in their images and they also mentioned in their gig descriptions. But they have 1K+ reviews. Why fiverr didn’t take action for them. or what can we do when we reached at there? Even they are at top on search results too.
  8. I think Fiverr really take cares of you and your health too.Be patient! there is a little period (Gap) in all expects of human life. which help us and make us more innovative. This is the time when new ideas can attract you and makes you prepared for the upcoming new challenges. As you have definitely founded now, how to deal with this situation.
  9. The answer is in the Help section. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/setting-your-live-portfolio not yet active because I made only a single sale yet !
  10. Is your live portfolio on? Check it, and if it’s on, it means that the buyer didn’t want the image displayed (it’s buyer’s decision whether they want the delivery displayed in your live portfolio or not). I think this is the best reply, can you tell us please how to on live portfolio?
  11. I myself not so sure, but I can guess it comes automatically after a number of sales
  12. This is called buyer review and it comes after your order completion. If your client happy from your service he gives you 5 start and same on negative results.
  13. It would be off topic if I go for the further brief and I don’t want to be flagged again. 😄 to your opinion.
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