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  1. But of course, if you haven’t done so already, maybe pick up some books on sales/negotiation. I wish you well in your journey.
  2. Having been in and out of sales for years and I have learned a few things. You need to find more self worth and confidence with the service you provide. I hate starting a new client relationship on a discount. The least paying clients, are the worst. Think long term clients when you can. Sure you have to pay the bills, but it shouldn’t be standard. Think about this. If you get busy with all of your discounted clients, you might have to turn down a great paying client because of time constraints. Easy for me to say right? The best salesperson I have every worked with, was notorious for turning down low paying clients. But, he had a small client list of very good paying clients.
  3. Try Edge Studios . com and the script library, I believe you will have to sign up for free.
  4. Nahh… Just go to the place that I mentioned earlier and select USD from the drop-down box. It’s as simple as that. Please note that this, however, WILL NOT change the currency of your earnings on this platform that get credited to your bank/PayPal/Payoneer account (which is set to USD by default). Doing this will only change the currency is which gigs’ prices and the prices of custom offers/orders and your Fiverr credit/balance are displayed in. Most kind Sir, thank you.
  5. Thank you hanshuber16. I am sorry, I should have said, is there anything I need to change to have my gig in US $.
  6. I give. Does anyone know where you set your accounts currency? I have searched and no luck. I thought it was automatic based on your location. 😕
  7. @cherboub - thank you! Whey would it be under “support”? Again, thank you.
  8. Believe it or not, yes the print company does outsource design if the in house staff is unable to accomplish the required design. The print company will own the rights to the design in perpetuity so there is no issue there. I used to work for one. I agree that Fiverr is a different animal and because of this, it could really water down the idea of dealing with a Pro. Again, I was just trying to share a broader picture than just inside Fiverr. I agree with your concerns as I am a new seller.
  9. No, I didn’t meant to give justification for the practice. Just stating that it is very common and will continue to be so with companies having to watch their overhead closer and closer. That said when warranted, ask anytime you spend money with someone if they outsource.
  10. @yeseniacoello Unless it has recently changed, the only way I can access the forum is through a browser on my phone and not with the app.
  11. First know that I am a newbie on Fiverr, but I have a lot of experience in the business world. I am not saying any of your concerns or comments are not valid or correct. My point is, outsourcing happens all over. And the customer never knows. Promotional items. 90% plus are outsourced. Chances are the client will never know, UNLESS there is a problem. And that happens often. Printing services from a local vendor. Often times a customers needs don’t fit perfectly with the vendor and they will outsource, sometimes well over state lines. Why is that important? They are not only relying on the outsourced vendor to do the job correctly, they also need to rely on timely shipping. Advertising agencies. These folks are notorious for outsourcing problems, mainly hitting time frames and sticking to the agreed scope of the job. Automotive mechanic. They can’t do everything a car needs and often will not let the client know that another shop did repair work on their vehicle. Kind of important to know if you have items in your vehicle you wouldn’t want a stranger to have access to. You get the idea. I understand we are not talking apples to apples, but thought I would give you a different perspective.
  12. Is it possible the reference was for Upwork? I believe they start the fee at the end of this month or so.
  13. I’ve been working in voice acting for over 20 years and thought, HEY! Lets hookup with the Fiverr family. Nice place you got here.
  14. And remember as a Voice Over Artist you are in a unique situation from many other freelancers, forever accountability. Your voice becomes your watermark for your brand. Your voice is on every project. Who knows, who will hear your halfhearted attempt for a client and that is their perception of you - forever.
  15. Agree. Especially if you will need more work down later.
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