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  1. thanks again for sharing your experience, I will focus on my skills and gig quality.
  2. thanks for sharing. waiting from last 2 month to get back previous ranking.
  3. i got top rated badge before 2 months ago, after getting top rated badge, my account got down immediately. still now i have top rated badge but my all gigs are appearing last page on fiverr search results. dont know where is the issue, what i need to do to recover this problem. can anyone advice me?
  4. after waiting for the 6 months, i got top rated badge. felling 😍 happy now

  5. Hi hope you all are doing well. i have completed my top rated requirements 6 months ago. but still i did not get my top rated badge. i dont know what is the reasons to not get it. can anyone share some tips to get it asap. i feel really upset. my some of friends got it but still i am not getting. thanks
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