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  1. Today got my renew card… should need to change anything on fiverr to get payment on new renew card. Thanks
  2. I have completed 1st milestone but Buyer doesn’t accept the 1st delivery. what I can do now. Already passed 5 days
  3. My gig status pending https://www.fiverr.com/funnelsmaster/build-your-wordpress-sales-funnel
  4. You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*. Please try again later.
  5. This doesn’t make sense to me. Different sellers see different # of buyer requests. It depends on a lot of factors such as the seller’s account level, seller’s overall rating, seller’s gig category and sub-category, etc. Such a generic statement doesn’t make much sense to me. thanks for sharing this information 🙂
  6. I have got my first order from Fiverr by doing buyer request. It’s work you just need to check buyer request and you get lot’s buyer request according to your gig service.
  7. I’m a new seller and published all 7 gigs but don’t get any order. I think they need some improvement. Can you please check my account and give me a suggestion about what I need to do? https://www.fiverr.com/users/funnelsmaster/
  8. Ok choose less competition keyword then where and how many times need to use this keyword on gig so that my gig show on search volume according to the keywoed
  9. I was offline for 2 days and a buyer knock me. If I don’t response him then there will be any problem ?
  10. Like I said, YOU need to know English grammar, etc in order to ace the test. We cannot tell you what you need to know in order to pass the test. YOU need to know the answers to the questions the test presents you with. If you know English on a conversational level, then you should be able to take the English language skills test and do fairly well. Wow thank you very much. Now I get courage to take part this test. Thanks again 😊
  11. No my English is conversional which section need to know more to take part this test. What kind of grammatical need to know. That’s why put this question. Hope get good reply from you @jonbaas. I read all of your post and your reply. You do a great job for us. Always give right suggestion. Thanks
  12. I want to take part on basic English test. Need some suggestions from experience people Thanks
  13. @hazirabegum can you share one more thing how many times and where you use the keyword to create a perfect gig. Thanks
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