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  1. wowww…Greatest story on the forum today I guess. Well I also opted for fiverr because this is something that reaaaally works to make you quit your 9 to 5 job easily. Ive just started and got my 1st order with in a week and the interesting part, the order was way more different than what I actually offered but it went so good you can even check the review of the guy. Fiverr is legend for me. Although I m still not even on the 1st 5 pages of the niche BUT still got my order and getting lots of buyer request. Dot worry If you are not on the 1st page…as per my experience, that never effects if your service and 1st order goes boom. Me and my husband has a target goal on fiverr so he can quit his job too and work full time on fiverr.
  2. Oh myyy… This was huge lesson man…but I’ve not came that far yet to get hacked like you dude 😕 lucky you man… Feel big 😛
  3. Have you made the perfect gig as per fiverr search strategies and all the right keywords used?
  4. Hey welcome here and best of luck… Hope you get orders with in the first week like I did… Luckily 😛
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