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  1. Sometimes if it’s easier to just make a couple of different versions of an image than sending the client something and waiting for a response, I’ll send them multiple versions for free and just let them know that I’m including a couple of options that they can use as they please.
  2. I’m just curious to see if it actually makes a difference. Thanks!
  3. Warnings for asking for reviews, or for asking for five star reviews? My thoughts were more along the lines of “thanks for the order, if you feel like throwing me a rating, that would be appreciated”
  4. I’m not sure, I got a review on the first order with a tip but the previous two I got tips and my reviews on my gig were still at one, so maybe there’s just a delay?
  5. Thank you, I hope so. I was more just curious about whether is was considered good or bad practice on fiverr, some sites and industries sellers will suggest leaving a review. Best wishes.
  6. Do you guys request ratings from your buyers or would that seem rude? I dont want to pressure anyone into doing anything.
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