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  1. No, this isn’t a bad thing. If fact it is really good! Not everyone is going to be easy to please. You will come across buyers who are picky or expect more than what the gig covers. Keep up the good work! 😃
  2. I just wanted to share my experience for all the other new sellers who may have joined recently. I’d like to share the three most important things I’ve learned as a “no level” seller, and how these 3 tips can help you on your journey as well. Be patient. I think Fiverr is an excellent platform to help you grow if you’re just starting out; because Fiverr’s Algorithm makes it so simple for buyers to come to you. I think it’s amazing that with literally tens of thousands of similar sellers competing, that there is still room for people like me who just started (in late April) to leave my mark. Be sure to follow the basics when setting up your gig: relevant keywords, short title with at least 1 keyword, a gig video and maybe even a demonstration of your work. Just this alone will eventually lead a buyer to your services. Patience is everything when you’re just beginning. Actively promote your gigs! First and foremost you should be utilizing the ‘Buyer Requests’ section of Fiverr every time you have the chance. Being able to submit to 10 jobs per day will surely end up paying off, and not only that, it’s great exposure even if you’re only used for a future reference. What I did was write a quick 500 word cover letter template that I can simply fill-in-the-blanks on after copy/pasting, depending on the the job you’re applying to. It’s a faster and more professional way to apply, and will certainly help you gain the attention you want from Buyers. Secondly, if you’re like me and chasing something that you want to become full time, then you’ll want to take it a step further. When I made my Fiverr account I also chose to focus on one Social Media platform, and since then I have gained over 500 followers and even made a couple sales from my following. Just recently, because I kept getting asked if I had one by potential clients, I decided to launch my own website as a means to demonstrate my talent. Just remain active in promoting yourself and all you’ll do is grow; it’s similar to that of a plant. We don’t see it actually grow but it definitely is growing. Go above and beyond! I think in the beginning that 5 star review is imperative. In fact, I think it matters more so than if you were to have thousands of reviews. I’m not saying stop caring about your customers over time, but to start caring a lot in the beginning. Think about it… If you have 2,000 five star reviews and get one bad egg, it isn’t going to break your business however, if you have one or two reviews and receive a bad egg, it’s going to impact your overall rating greatly and effect your chances of seeing success quickly. This can easily be avoided by ensuring your customer is satisfied. In the beginning I think it’s a great idea to do what I did. I offered unlimited revisions and always delivered an extra take or two (I’m a voice over artist). Going the extra mile has also gotten me tipped too! Bottom line is if I can do it so can you! Never give up! I hope these tips offer some of you insight and motivation. Thanks for reading and God bless?
  3. Fixed post title. Thanks I didn’t know 😖
  4. Messaged me with all the obvious sign that he might be a scammer, i.e. broken English, weird attachments, and an awkwardly open ended introduction of Him/Herself. Wanted me to open an account for him someplace else. Be careful of messages from people who are looking for a U.S based account to be opened for them in your name. I see this so much it is saddening.
  5. Yeah, I covered the fact that some people see more success than others and that it’s not to be measured against. There are always a few outliers. In your case, you made $900 in one week. Congrats. A month later how is it going? Looks pretty slow when I checked your profile. But I hope you’re progressing. If not, then your experience is exactly the type that I wrote this original post to help. The “sky high” of fast sales…to the gully of “where’d my sales go!?” Good luck. In all fairness, the $900 came from one client. One great thing about sales is you never know who will walk in that day. Yeah, it is slow right now for me on Fiverr, but as a full time VO this of course isn’t my only source. Best of luck. 1 week until I am level one, can’t wait for the test!
  6. Glad to hear you’ve had success. Losing rankings in the Fiverr search algorithm seems to be a common struggle for quite a few Sellers these days. SEO is very important! Good luck.
  7. Welcome to Fiverr! The BEST Freelancing Platform available.
  8. Great post! It was awesome to see this parable today, because I thought I should be active in the Forum since its been a couple of days, and this is the exact reason why I logged it - to water my seed 😁
  9. Welcome to the Fiverr platform and also the Fiverr Community. The Forum here is a great place to learn more about how you can improve your reputation and performance as a Seller. Congrats on setting up your first Gig, and Good Luck!
  10. This is not advisable, just as other have mentioned.
  11. How is not using, for advertising purposes, a feature not built for advertising not fair? I’m open to hearing your valid opinion.
  12. Thank you. I figured with as many new Sellers joining I could help keep that section of Fiverr at least a little clean.
  13. No problemo! Glad this was helpful.
  14. Awesome! Glad to hear this post was a good idea. I just learned that it’s an old enough topic that it goes back years ago since the beginning of this feature. This makes me more thankful to have re-posted now considering the volume of newcomers Fiverr receives on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. If I helped one person I’m satisfied.
  15. Joining the Forum is a great way to increase your chances of being successful on this Platform. So long as you remain active here and devote at least 30-60 minutes/week; I thinky ou’ll learn what not to do, what TO DO, and how to master your craft with the most support you’ll ever have on a p2p services marketing place. Wishing you all the best on your journey towards fulfilling your dreams of being a successful Freelancer! Pro Tip: Staying active in the Forum since day one gets you KUDO with Fiverr’s team of experts who hand pick Top Rater Sellers. Mike
  16. ‘Weird’ isn’t the correct word to use for those people :roll_eyes: … Just checked the buyer requests right now and literally seen 5 sellers in a row. Was this thread titled incorrectly? Lol
  17. Welcome to Fiverr, Herbert! The Community here offers lot’s of ways to teach yourself how to become a successful Seller. Best of luck to you.
  18. Cancel it so it isn’t escalating and affecting your rankings even more.
  19. Fiverr welcomes you with open arms! Welcome!!
  20. Sellers, please stop advertising your services in the “Buyer Requests” section. I know this is an old as well as common issue, however I feel like a reminder can still help other Sellers from embarrassing themselves :roll_eyes: Advertise your services in this section by applying to posts - not posting; because when people apply to you they’re wasting their time. If you’re a Seller and tired of seeing this show some love by sharing, commenting and liking. Thanks Fiverr Sellers!
  21. Welcome to Fiverr! This is a great community of buyers and sellers. There is especially lots of people looking for your services. All the best @ash_shahin -Studio6VO
  22. I don’t have this issue. My gig description via mobile has line breaks/separate paragraphs just the same as the desktop version. Maybe there’s a bug in the Apple 😂
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