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  1. Agree, this question is 2 years old though 😛. Now I don't need to ask them. I am level2 Seller 😍 and they just leave their response.
  2. actually this is exactly what I did and there were just 5 local sellers but not me, I couldn’t see my gig and I know I’m not banned. should I be concerned? Hi @abdelrahman2341 did you try the Sort By filter? There are three options “Best Selling”, “Recommended”, and “Newest Arrivals”. If your gig is new I’m sure you’ll find it in “Newest Arrivals”.
  3. Same issue waiting for CS from the last 10-12 days still no response. 😐
  4. Yes, It’s very painful. I am still waiting for CS how they handle this now.
  5. That’s the issue that i want to tell support but they didn’t respond since. My buyer and his partner have some confliction, he ping me and explained what is going on between them. Long story short there is nothing wrong with the order he just said he is going to cancel the order that’s our 3rd order and I contact support to tell them. Support canceled that order and previous one also that was done 3-4months ago. That is most disappointed part we are doing our best and putting all our efforts but looks like we are not secure here as well. Someone just say his business is not going successful and cancel the orders that’s completely sucks.
  6. If your buyer is no longer on Fiverr than more than likely, they were blocked because Fiverr blocks buyers who do credit card chargebacks. Buyer is on Fiverr, He has an active account.
  7. I just received notification, Order canceled by “Customer Support” no reason, no explanation nothing.
  8. Cancel 2 or 3 months old order in one day from buyer requests and not even a single response to the seller in the last 10-12 days 👏 Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 1.32.58 AM1970×258 33.4 KB
  9. I’ve a total of 96 USD and only 6.60 USD available on Payoneer card. Why my remaining USD not available on card?
  10. Welcome to the largest community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  11. Hello Fiverr’s, I’m working on Fiverr for more than one year and also Level One Seller for more than 6 months - I guess. I successfully completed 46 projects and 1 order is in the queue. I also get rated 5 stars of my 70% projects. rating1274×429 17.1 KBI really enjoyed working as a freelancer, worked with international clients, and enhance my skills day by day. There are also ups and downs on my 1-year career here on Fiverr like everyone else (I guess). Due to the recent pandemic, I’m happy now I started my freelance career 1-year ago and not just depend on my job. I’m also thankful to the forum community they also help and support each other regarding any issues that we faced (especially newbies). This post is just about sharing my 1-year experience with all of you. Thank you!
  12. Congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  13. I did 4 days ago but they didn’t respond
  14. Hi, I applied for Fiverr Revenue Card card on 23 August but forget to send verification from payoneer account, Now i approved my verification but didn’t approve card. Everytime i click to submit button it redirect me to verification page and everything is approved what should i do now??
  15. The title of this thread makes no sense, imo. Thank you @hanshuber16 Now it make sense.
  16. Yesterday my 1 order cancel of $5 and it’s dropdown my rating to 89%. Today I completed my $10 order with 5 star review and it increase only 1%. 89% to 90% it sucks man.
  17. Is it possible now? As I already open dispute to cancel order
  18. Thank you @miiila, i’ll remember your advice for now i already ask buyer to cancel the order.
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