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  1. When my mobile phone is lock and my data connection is also running. In this time my question is - my fiverr mobile app will be running or not in my background ?. My fiverr account will be show online or not? Thanks for reading my question 💓
  2. When, i am using my mobile phone. And also i connected with my internet.then my fiverr app stay running or not? Or i need to always open my app.I need to suggetion from everyone ❤️
  3. I agree with you !! You are saying the right things and the right point.
  4. You can tell fiverr customer support why your sell is not growing. It’s very useful because you are a Level 2 Seller Of course, fiverr will look at your issue seriously.
  5. it’s really a Awesome tips for newbie seller. it’s help for me
  6. You can increase your time by talking to him about your inability to buyer Or you can tell him you do not want to do this type of work.
  7. You pick up a great thing I was thinking about this issue for the couple of the day . if you Looking at their profile, it can be seen, they do not work professionally.
  8. Can You Cooperate with us which keywords we should take for our gigs. just for example !
  9. Its an Common problem for a seller. Fiverr should cooperate with the Seller in this regard.
  10. When You are a newbie at Fiverr beside a seller.if you Can maintaining some new things. I give you a guaranty for your gigs will be Ranked on Fiverr. 1: 😄 First of all, you have to use a title in which you are opening a related gig, high rated search keywords in your title, so that when the buyer is searching on Fiverr search bar although your gig will be show on first page or other pages. 2: 😄 Secondly, Especially after the title I give more importance to Gig’s images Because if you are looking for a Seller if you find a cellar, you will certainly see her gig image and title , if she can do the work you need. Does he offer a related service to the people? Like a first viewing love 3: 4: 4: 5: If you can post my post, you can take some ideas from my profile like you can do gig marketing.
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