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  1. Shoot. One just seemed like they wanted to purchase my gig and they asked for my email which I shouldn’t have provided. It’s always the same you create an account, I give you $100 scam message. So annoying- is there a way to only receive messages when someone purchases a gig? Thanks for the tip on the response rate! Good to know I can tell them to piss off and block from now on!
  2. Oh, I am not so sure if such spam/scam messages will entirely go away (TRS receive spam messages, too). But, yeah… I think they will get a lot lesser. 🙂 Thank you for the reassurance, hanshuber16!
  3. Unfortunately, spammers/scammers sometimes try to dupe/scam new sellers as they are seen as easy targets. So, it is definitely not out of the ordinary. Yes, this is very weird. That’s the reason why I always respond to all messages (even spam). In case of a spam message, I just reply with a “no” or “blocked/reported.” 😉 Thanks for the advice! Glad to know it will go away if I can sell a few gigs haha!
  4. I’ve gotten a bunch of spam messages all within my first week. Is this common? People I’ve never talked to before wanting to run a business empire right away! Sounds interesting… not. Also, why does our response rate depend on responding to obvious scammers? Seems weird.
  5. You are not supposed to have multiple accounts. That’s against fiverr’s ToS. Even if you manage to retrieve your account, fiverr will probably suspend your account(s) for violation of ToS. That’s not really true. I had to create more accounts because they were tied to businesses that used the domainnamedotcom email addresses that I could not recover due to old/expired domains after I tried to come back years later. Nothing nefarious going on, I promise. Having sales helps your overall sales. Nobody wants to buy from someone with no sales! Congrats on your sales here, though. That’s awesome that you’re over 1k!
  6. I’ve sold before on Fiverr and now new account and no sales in a week-- I even have a video in one. Hmmmm
  7. I wish this could happen too. I have a bunch of older accounts tied to expired domains that I can’t recover but could prove they’re mine. Sucks because without an aged account, selling on Fiverr is ridiculously hard
  8. Hi everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I am all about helping people through tough times in their lives such as dealing with depression, sadness, mental illness, job loss, etc. I hope we can get to know each other and support our gigs. Additionally, I support job seekers in their quest of landing a job or a higher paying job. I also added some “normal” gigs because I wanted to start converting some sales. It’s been slow but I think that’s common. I’ve been reading about how to get clients so hopefully that works. If not, then that’s okay too. Can never put all our eggs in one basket. I am glad to be here for the time being and welcome any feedback on my gigs for improvement. I am always willing to help you out if you message me (SCAMS EXCLUDED). 🙂
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