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  1. Agreed! I would also add that, when using the live gallery feature, we should be able to choose which file that was delivered to the buyer goes into the live gallery. I’ve had cases where I provided separate files for voice and music, or a separate one combined, or several chapters of an audiobook… but it seems as though it just picks one at random to display.
  2. I agree with this suggestion. I recently had a buyer place an order for a voiceover priced at 900 words. I opened their script document, and it was 13,000 words (!). Pretty big mishap there, so the buyer canceled the order (since it would have cost quite a bit more, and he changed his mind entirely about doing a V.O). With something like an “accept order” button, I could have said to him — hey, are you aware your script is 13,000 words? — before the order clock begins and a cancellation becomes necessary.
  3. Hey all! I wanted to suggest one feature that feels really easy to add, but is just missing for some reason. When using the Out-of-Office feature, a nice banner shows at the top of my profile displaying my message. It might say that I’m overbooked and will be back on Friday, or that I’m on a tropical vacation with no service and will be back in two weeks. It’s very helpful. On my gig, however, the message doesn’t show up — simply a banner that says I’m out of office, with the return date. It omits the message I have entered. This is unfortunate, because people who have saved the gig or somehow stumble across that (and don’t visit my actual profile) don’t get my message explaining things. Anyway, thought I would share — seems like an easy and intuitive thing to add. Thanks! Derek
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