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  1. I think you have some mistake to create description. I think you want to say- “Can anyone tell me why my gig impressions are decreasing?” Am I right?
  2. You welcome bro and try to add attractive image on your gig.
  3. Gig image is very important for a gig, if you confused about gig image, you may change it. But Title, Tag and others should be unchanged.
  4. You can try google translator or English learning android application from playstore
  5. You have to do some step 24 hours activeSend buyer request daily as you canshare your gig in Social media
  6. There are lot of gig and now a days one new gig to rank 1st page is so difficult.Right now it is a long process.You have to create gig with seo friendly and have to marketing in social media.If you continue marketing and also complete some order on this gig after some month your gig may be rank on first page or second page,
  7. Well done, Now you have to do gig marketing on social media
  8. Welcome to biggest community and hope you will make a bright future in here.
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