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  1. Today I get level one seller badge... Which are more encourage me for work..


  2. Congratulations, Can you share experience.
  3. Same issues, I have promoted my gigs on social media but stand same issue, day by day decrease impressions,click and views, My gigs last result showing sept 12
  4. Thank you very much for your helpful suggestion.
  5. 2 order cancel of last month then Decrease My Order Completion Percantage 100 % to 50% and Then When I delivered My last order then decrease me On time delivery, Until buyerr are fully satisfied with my work she giving me extra USD 30 tip after delivered, but the main issue of my dashboard.
  6. Please help me how to get More order. In this dashboard Can I get order in future?? Is it not harmful my account??
  7. Why my Delivered On time and Order Completion percentage decrease?? Please help me to fixed that issue.
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