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  1. That’s cool, waiting. 😎
  2. Thank you so much for new updates on forum ,
  3. Though voice over gigs normally have “legalise” like “commercial rights” and “full broadcast rights” already as options in the gig. With a VO gig, unlike some other services, you also won’t get buyers asking for things that would be an added cost for you if you provided them (like them asking for costly fonts or maybe costly plugins/templates or something to be used) so things like those need to be specified where relevant otherwise sellers could make a big loss on orders (or other things where the buyers need to know about various rights). The help option gives them more info on the commercial/full broadcast rights options for VO gigs (though what’s shown in those small help boxes might not always be clear enough for all buyers). So, depending on the service, “legalise” might be needed to protect you from loss etc. (maybe cancellations too) and to make sure all orders are complaint with the terms of service and so the buyers know what rights they’re getting etc. Thanks for sharing a helpful tips.
  4. yes. i am use to zip file to delivery order
  5. you are tarot reader good it’s good
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